Dearest Chocoholic,

From one ( ex-serial) chocoholic to another chocoholic..

 CHUNK OF CHOCOLATE REHAB:" When you are powerless over something, you are addicted to it." Jessie Pavlenka.

Can you relate lovely? 

Are you constantly feeling like crap,  and cannot see beyond your chocolate addiction and are desperate for help?

Are you a secret chocolate addict leading a double life, …

Are you embarrassed and ashamed,  by your chocolate addiction as it's ruling your life?

Are you ready to heal your guilty pleasure that has gone far too many chunks too far…?

If so, lovely, I know how you feel as that was me….

I had an any time, any place and any where type of chocolate addiction…..I felt like a drug addict looking for my next 'chocolatey fix.'.. 

I wish I was kidding.. but no….

I've dedicated the past ten years of my life to healing my addiction, one chunk at a time.. with Chocolate Rehab…:)

The process is not a quick-fix, or a magic pill, rather a process that will take a bit of time, as you work through what is really 'eating' you chunk by chunk, with your own Chocolate Rehab process.

Start it now and sign up for 12 Chunks of Chocolate Rehab  by putting your name and primary email address into the box to the left of this page, as I would so love to help you heal your addiction to chocolate one chunk at a time!

Much Love Carrie xxx