Powerless with chocolate?! I geddit it…LOL:)

July 15th, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: " When you are powerless over something, you are addicted to it,"  can you relate?

Powerless over chocolate? Moi, er I  used to say… 'absofrickinlutely!!!,' I could barely keep myself from chocolate, to be quite honest, I was like a crack addict, in an never-ending search for my next chocolatey-fix… I was like after a bit, wanting just more and more until I felt sick… then I felt ten times worse but I couldn't stop, I was back for more later on that day or the following night at my 'worst times.'  I would just be on the look out for chocolate with the same passion as those ladies who are on the search for shoes, or those who are looking for drink… er yes, at times this was constant! 

I can see the funny side now, but honestly, not AT THE TIME!! I would meet people, make excuses, so I could go and eat it privately, or just unashamedly make a chocolate cake or buy it and give it to others with a share for myself of course, obviously!! Or I would get  two low fat bars instead of one. I just basically at times had no stop button whatsoever. 

But lovelies, I got through, I am here today to announce that I got through it and came out the other side and am here much happier to tell the tale:) Whilst I am not at all perfect, I am not addicted to chocolate anymore,  and am here to support and help others to feel and do the same. I would not suggest that healing your addiction is easy, at all, but it could be one the best things you ever do in your life! It's  a daily process, and It will be messy, it will take your time, but the gift of loving yourself more than chocolate, and more than anything in a very healthy way, and healing your chocolate addiction, is surely worth that investment of you life! It's the best thing I have ever done, that I know for sure! 

For free help and support right now, sign up for my Free 30 Chunks of Chocolate Rehab, in the right hand side of my page! 

Any questions, email: carrie@chocolaterehab.com

Love Carriexxx

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Need chocolate on a drip?

July 12th, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: " Need chocolate on a drip?" Sound like you? 

Chocolate for breaky, check, chocolate for lunch, check, chocolate for dinner, check, chocolate for the evening, check…. I understand totally, I had at times chocolate under my pillow, check, midnight chocolate check too!! LOL:)

You are not alone, I know many others laugh this off, but I don't I know how you feel!!! 

If you are ready for some help and support with your chocolate addiction, first you need to admit it yourself and then take it seriously enough to want to do something about it!  Your first action could be quite simply visiting my website: www.chocolaterehab.com and signing up for 30 chunks of Chocolate Rehab for free, to help you one chunk at a time! That's quite a bit of progress really!! 

Chat soon,

Love Carriexx

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How many chocolate bars does it take to make an addict happy?

July 12th, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: " How many chocolate bars, does it take to make an addict happy? " 

I am often asked this question, as if I have some sort of unit system, like alcoholics do, which helps me to see if they are actually a chocoholic!  For me, this is beside the point actually, as we are all very very different, and it is not simply just about the amount rather and most importantly the reason why. 


So, for me to answer the above question, I would just say that for a chocolate addict it all depends on their mood, so it could be one bar, or it could be several! It depends on how much of an : " any time, any place, and anywhere addiction,' that they have.


For me, I used to wake up with chocolate wrappers underneath my pillow, I would have them in my desk, in my handbag, hidden in various secret locations, as I was mostly a secret eater to be honest. But really, I could eat chocolate whenever and wherever, to be honest. And it mostly did not make me happy, only very rarely was I happy from eating it!!! 

I would love to hear your thoughts about this, in the comments below, or email me: carrie@chocolaterehab.com

If you want more support and help whatever kind of chocolate addiction you might have, then visit:

www.chocolaterehab.com and sign up for free 30 chunks of Chocolate Rehab!


I am here to help! 

Chat soon,


Love Carriexxx


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Any emotions I went straight to chocolate….

July 12th, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic, 

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: " When I experienced any emotions,  I would eat chocolate," can you relate?

 This is so very true, whilst it is not the case any more, chocolate was most certainly the first thing I reached for when I felt happy, sad, elated, depressed … er ANY FEELING!!!! It was chocolate all the way, in the same way that alcoholics or drug addicts, or even shopaholics would drink, use drugs or shop, chocolate was my drug of choice.. 24/7…

Eating chocolate every time, was like me being an extreme comfort eater, I just in huge denial just considered myself as a BIG LOVER of Chocolate, it was my best friend, I know this sounds a bit weird and it is quite embarrassing to admit this to be frank but I feel the need to be very honest! 


How do I now deal with any emotion? Do I still eat chocolate with every emotion?! I guess you might be wondering… Now, I am much more likely to feel the feelings whether good or bad and get support from close friends and family if I need more support, instead of just automatically going for chocolate, as I used to do. It's a process all of this, so do not feel overwhelmed if it feels way too much right now to eat less chocolate, that you are reading this post is a starting point. Always one chunk at a time with Chocolate Rehab, and awareness is key! 

If you want free support to help you right now, sign up for 30 chunks of Chocolate Rehab for free by visiting: www.chocolaterehab.com 

Chat soon,


Love Carriexxx

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I used to eat chocolate to make me feel better after being bullied..

July 12th, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: " I used to eat chocolate to make me feel better after being bullied at school. university and at work; well like everywhere," Can you relate?

Honestly, I was bullied for having blonde hair, having 'tree trunk legs,' for being into everything,  for being a vegetarian, for  being an animal lover, for being in the choir, or being a prefect, for my sense of humour, you name it,  I was bullied for it sadly! And honestly, it just made me go home again and again and just eat more and more chocolate :( 


Now, I am less bothered about what others think of me, as I have a much much stronger relationship with myself, and I accept myself just as I am, not that I am perfect, far from it but I do love and accept myself right now, which is a million miles away from how I used to be! 


Sadly, I still get bullied, I feel it's quite natural for people to just take out their insecurities and moods out on others, instead of taking any responsibility whatsoever for their lives! I get less and less affected by it now. 

Now, I just need to check that I am not being so frickin hard on myself, and being my own bully!!!  That's for another blog post!


If you are being bullied and you eat chocolate, I understand and remember that you are not alone, if you visit www.chocolaterehab.com you can sign up for more help and support with healing your chocolate addiction and handling any kind of bullying for FREE! 

Love Carriexxxx

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Addicted to chocolate but no quitter?

July 12th, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,


Chunk of Chunk of Chocolate Rehab:  " Addicted to chocolate but no quitter?!

Can you relate? I know I can, if someone so much as mentioned that I would have to give up chocolate to get over my addiction, I would have just ran for the hills quite frankly or have just simply said that it was completely and utterly impossible and unrealistic for me to do so!

For me, at the heart of my Chocolate Rehab Programme is that I am encouraging chocolate not be banned, or that you do not quit it, although of course it is entirely up to you! What I am encouraging is that you balance out the role that chocolate plays in your life. For example: instead of always eating it, instead of dealing with your stress, looking at how else you can actually deal and not ignore your stress. As you look at dealing with your stress or other issues differently you will naturally find that you will be eating less and less chocolate! Honestly :)  For more support to do this, visit: www.chocolaterehab.com and sign up for my 30 free chunks of Chocolate Rehab:) x

Wishing you a lovely week-end,

Love Carrie xx

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Honor where you are at

June 13th, 2014 Author:
Dearest Chocoholic,
Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: honour where you are at, if you are feeling like crap, feel it, and surrender to that feeling, ask for someone to be there for you and just listen to you, give you empathy, and see how you can do this with less chocolate.

The more you feel your feelings, instead of eating them with chocolate, the more likely you are able to feel happier and better, This can feel very hard when you start this and if you do not have anyone to be there for you, get a notebook or your phone and type and text out how you are feeling and imagine you were your best friend, and write a response or text a response, there's always a way!

Much love, and remember you are not alone in your addiction, i know how you feel and am here to help!
p.s Group coaching from £10 a week, via facebook, email me carrie@chocolaterehab.com for more information xxx
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just like a pill ( chocolate) instead of making me better you keep making me ill..

May 20th, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab:  " Just like a pill ( ie Chocolate! ) instead of making me better, you keep making me ill, " Pink.

Lovelies I understand this! I really do. You eat chocolate and find it hard to not keep on eating chocolate to make you feel better. And it does a bit. It is comforting for a bit. It is soothing for a bit. I don't know about you, but I used to find it very very hard not to keep on eating it, my 'chocolatey fixes,' were like me being a secret lemonade drinker ( google R Whites lemonade lovelies in case this doesn't make any sense!!) except not quite just in the middle of the night. rather a 'any time, any place, any where,' Martini kinda habit!!

The craving I used to have for chocolate was pretty much constant and I used to eat so much of it that I felt pretty sick, though actually I rarely vomitted, and most certainly rarely actually made myself sick. But I felt it. I felt worse and worse and worse.

As i started my own Chocolate Rehab process in early 2004, it was very hard. For days I cried, privately, in my own bedroom as I am a bit English like that, I find it hard to cry in front of people, still do, and that's okay:) As I cried a lot, these repressed feelings that I had been eating come to the surface, like an emotional tsunami I am not going to lie. The more I allowed the feeling to come up and be felt and released the better I felt.

All of this was helped by my deep heartfelt desire to actually want to heal my addiction, even if at th time I actually did not know how; which I absolutely had no idea how at the time to be quite honest. What I knew was that I would just try absolutely anything as all this well-being, and feeling love for yourself, that I had been reading so much about, I knew was possible, I just had not quite then been able to translate into every day life… and I knew instinctively that that was critical for me to learn how to do this so that I could authentically teach and support others like yourself lovely.

If you want to learn how I did this, my story, and no lovelies you don't need to take ten years to do this like me!! – It will take as long or as short as you take, it all depends on you, and how it works for you- sign up for 30 chunks of free Chocolate Rehab to help and support to you to do this at: www.chocolaterehab.com – !

You may also pre-order a copy of my forthcoming book: ' Chocolate Rehab, healing your addiction to chocolate one chunk at a time, session one,' by emailing me personally : carrie@chocolaterehab.com love Carriex

ps Remember you are not alone with your addiction, I know how you feel, and I completely understand how it feels! If I can do it lovely, you can do it!! xxx

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When the student is ready the chocolate will appear….:)

May 16th, 2014 Author:
Dearest Chocoholic, 

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: 'When the student is ready, the chocolate
will appear..:)

I can see you smiling, me too lovely, me too:)

I know it might sound a bit daft but I honestly am super grateful
that I had such a long and painful addiction to chocolate, as it
taught me so much about myself! Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Once I decided to check myself into my own 'Chocolate Rehab,'
clinic, not that it was anything really official, just me sitting
at home with lots of books and my computer, but still it loosely
was that, ( LOL:), I actually made the conscious decision to just
see what my addiction to chocolate was teaching me!

Mostly, to be honest, it was teaching me that I loved chocolate
more than myself and that I actually was unhappy on the inside
despite looking happyish on the outside...:( This revelation was
not exactly something I was delighted about, but once this
realisation had hit me, I felt like a weight had been lifted and I
knew that admitting the real honest, deep and dirty truth to myself
about how I really felt about myself and how I had used chocolate
to actually avoid this painful truth, it became a lot easier. I am
not saying by just being truthful, the process of Chocolate Rehab
was a walk in the park, not at all, rather it became easier, as at
least I knew what I was working with, instead of just guessing,
which helped me a LOT!!!

For more inspiration, and real- life and at times rather
embarrassing and painful personal examples: pre-order Chocolate Rehab healing your addiction to chocolate one
chunk at a time, session one,  for just £10 and save on Postage and
Packing until the end of  May! Email: carrie@chocolaterehab.com and I will
forward you a Paypal Invoice- yah:)

Love Carrie.

p.s any questions email me personally at: carrie@chocolaterehab.com

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The importance of support..

May 16th, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: you need to have someone to support you in the process of Chocolate Rehab

I am sure you understand and know this only too, well, you start something new, and you are doing really well, until something happens, you get stuck or it all gets too much and you just stop, give up and revert back to how you were before. We all know this one hey, me too. 

Many times since early 2004 when my sole aim was actually to heal my own addiction to chocolate,  and I just gave up,  as quite simply I couldn't see myself not finding chocolate supremely irresistible  I just could not. I have to be honest here, I got so far, almost two weeks and something would kick in and my addiction would take over my life all over again, after I had been doing so well. You know, eating well, feeling genuinely great about myself and until wham, something happened and I was right back where I started, well actually more often than not I was in a worse position than before :( I actually felt worse because I had tried and I had failed and given  I was trying to heal my own addiction to chocolate and failing so spectacularly, it did not feel remotely good and yes I openly  admit it,  I turned to chocolate, ironically to support me! 

After much failed attempts and much experimenting with the process, now in 2014, hand on heart,  I know the signs of me slipping back into chocolate addiction, and I can support myself back into a place of balance much more easily than I ever dreamed possible but lovelies this has not at all been without the kind, unrelenting support of my good friends and family members, who have listened to me, supported me and just been there for me at my most vulnerable times, without them I would not be writing this blog post and would  be an extremely unhappy bunny, I must be very honest with you. 

So really, my big point here is that, it's great you are following the process,  well done for that, I mean it, but ensure that you are going to achieve lifelong success with your own Chocolate Rehab by actually getting support, even if just one friend who will just listen to you and support you. They do not need to be a Life Coach, or counsellor, for me actually some of my best supporters are absolutely not coaches or counsellors, just lovely kind-hearted loving people.

What is absolutely crucial is that you get support, and you get it regularly, which is why I recommend you create a 'chocoholics anonymous group' and become accountable to your process with each other at a regular time each week, as that will help you more than anything!! 


Love to hear your feelings and thoughts about this, 

Love Carrie xxx

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