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December 5th, 2014 Author:
Dearest Chocoholic,
CHUNK of CHOCOLATE REHAB: ' The process of finding happiness, within one's own Self may be difficult and slow but it cannot be found anywhere else.' Swarmi.
For me, I tried to find happiness with chocolate, which is naturally a road to… 'whoopsie it's never guna happen,' but it wasn't exactly clear to me at the time, as I was stuck in a cycle of quick-fix, momentary high… feeling worse, just wanting more… guilt-tripping.. f vicious cycle of addiction to chocolate… can you relate lovely?!!  Well, help is at hand.. hey!
What's SANTA'S 49 CHUNKS CARRIE? BASICALLY IT'S 49 CHUNKS OF CHOCOLATE REHAB DELIVERED TO YOUR INBOX.. and a secret, private Facebook group where you can get 24/7 support from others who feel just like you do!!! = priceless, i know when I was starting to take my own addiction to chocolate seriously, I would have loved that kind of support and connection.. omg.. i so would have!! Here's the link for Santa's 49 CHUNKS so you can read up on it:
HERE'S THE LINK FOR PRE-ORDERING CHOCOLATE REHAB, SESSION ONE: It is arriving in the last week on December to me, and then will be sent out to you in the first few days of 2015- how exciting is that!! !!!!!!) 
CARRIE@CHOCOLATEREHAB.COM AND I WILL PERSONALLY CONTACT YOU TO ARRANGE WHERE AND WHEN YOU WANT YOUR 49 CHUNKS TO BE SENT!Much love, I trust you love my BLONDEST OFFER EVER – please do share with your friends and those who you feel would benefit!Love ya, love Carriexxx





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Santa’s coming early for TODAY ONLY!!

November 25th, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: " Some people run from pain their whole lives, and what pain they do not digest, they inflict upon others,' Bryant McGill

Until you take 100% responsibility for how you are feeling and make this the most important aspect of your life and decide to take your addiction to chocolate seriously, so that you can start to heal nothing changes, and you will feel the same, or even worse, as all of those unexpressed emotions, especially the negative ones just get stored.

When I started out in early January 2004, on my own Chocolate Rehab, loosely termed them, as I did not know what I was doing, or how to do it (!!!) ( I can laugh about it now, but then it was not exactly a bundle of laughs!!!)  , I just kept  going, doing lots of different things, healed, got re-addicted, something happened, healed a bit, got re-addicted, healed a bit, got re-addicted, this same cycle when on and on and on, until one day, I woke up and things started to shift, deep within me, as Chocolate Rehab is a process, a process of loving and accepting yourself more than anything more than chocolate, absolutely and more than anything. 

Once you start to love and accept yourself no matter what you are feeling, no matter what is going on in your life, no matter how much chocolate you may or may not have eaten, then you will start to feel better and start to heal, one chunk at a time. It is process. you have to feel, deal and heal. It's not always going to be easy, but I can promise you with all my heart that it will be worth it.

Attention is love, and by giving yourself attention, with your own Chocolate Rehab, you are showing likely more love to yourself than you might ever have actually shown, it's more than just buying something to wear, or do, it is actually investing in your most important relationship of your life, with your wonderful, loveable self!

Today, and today only… I am offering those of you who are ready to start to face their pain, instead of running from it, a wonderful opportunity!!! Drum Roll please…

If you invest just £12 today, in a copy of my book : Chocolate Rehab, healing your addiction to chocolate one chunk at a time, Session one, I will gift you Santa's 49 Chunks, worth £49, and this will support you, with 49 chunks of Chocolate Rehab, directly into your inbox as well as through a community of fellow chocoholics who feel just like you; as its one of the most wonderful things in the world being with others who feel like you feel and knowing that you are not alone isn't it! 

You will get support through a private Facebook group where you can support each other 24/7 and where I will be supporting you regularly in. Only for today though, Santa's has come early, and the beauty of this, is that if you feel that you do not want to do it just yet, you can just invest £12 today, get your Santa's 49 Chunks for free and start it in early January 2015, very cool hey! Your book will arrive just in time for Christmas, how cool is that too?!! Very!!

Here's the link:

and here's the link :

all about Santa's 49 Chunks, which you will get today ONLY absolutely free worth £49, if you pre-order your Chocolate Rehab book, which you get free P & P on… -how exciting!!

Please share, with others you feel might benefit, obviously it can be a wonderful 

Christmas present too, but it's just £12 today, with free P & P for the book, and Santa's 49 Chunks worth £49 free, ONLY TODAY!

So, order here, and i will email you a receipt and then sign you up personally for Santa's 49 Chunks which will automatically begin on December 1 – how exciting is that?!!

I know, I am super-excited to be offering you this!

Love Carrie xx

(C) 2014, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved,

p.s Just today pre-order Chocolate Rehab bk for £12, get Santa's 49 Chunks for FREE worth £49, you can BUY NOW, START IN 2015, SAVING YOU A WHOOPING £49!!!!! X

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There is only one thing that heals every problem…

November 7th, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: ' There is only one thing that heals every problem and that is to love yourself,' Louise Hay

This is at the heart of my Chocolate Rehab programme, as for many chocoholics, they actually love chocolate and indeed so many other things, their partners, their friends, their pets.. their jobs.. their favourite tv programme, facebook… their phone so much more than they love themselves!! Sadly, they usually do not even like themselves…

And honestly.. I know how you has taken me most of my life to actually deeply love myself however I am feeling or what is happening in my life. it's a daily process, that is a lifelong learning. In the midst of my addiction, I actually loathed myself and did everything I could to cover this up, you know anything from laughing it off, to just loving everything else, a little too much!!! 

If right now, loving yourself is a bit too much, just try just liking yourself, it doesn't have to be everything, it could just be three things that you love about yourself: such as your sense of humour, your kindness, and your smile. quite simple, just start somewhere! 

I trust that helps, 

If you want more help sign up for Santa's 49 Chunks for just £49, and  become part of a private community, where you can share with each other, with my input how you are feeling and get much-needed support and you will get a copy of my forthcoming book included in the price worth £12!! How cool is that!! Here's the link:

Love ya! 

Love Carriexx

(C) 2014. Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved,



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Halloween chocolate much…

November 6th, 2014 Author:
10801685_10152384008752143_4390049639048122282_n (1)
Dearest Chocoholic,
Halloween chocolates.. did u take it too far and now are you paying for it, and just want to sort your addiction out?! 
You are not alone lovely… don't feel bad, just do something for you, to start to feel better.. please know that..
Chunk of Chocolate Rehab:' Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know." Pema Chodron.
This is one of my favourite quotes and for me summed up my addiction to chocolate quite honestly.
Until I decided to fully take responsibility for my chocolate addiction and explore why I was so addicted it kept on keeping me stuck, in pain, crying myself to sleep, being and feeling very stressed, very lonely and out of touch with myself. 
i am sure like me, there are a few issues that your chocolate addiction is covering up ranging from low self-esteem, to extreme stress, to boredom and deep self-hatred in some cases. 
However you are feeling remember it is absolutely okay. Just be with those feelings, and reach out to someone who can just be there for you. That's the first step once you have finally surrendered and admitted how you are really feeling, which let's be honest is not exactly easy when you have been denying it for so long, then you have to ask for help,this is so much harder! 
I am offering you many kinds of help here:
1. 12 Free chunks of Chocolate Rehab, helping you to begin your Own Chocolate Rehab right here, right now:
2.Launched only yesterday with Santa's permssion: 
'Santa's 49 Chunks,' a lot of support and even a private facebook community to boot, for just £49, and a copy of my book worth £12!!
Sign up here:
3. PM me and questions you would like me to even anonymously respond to about healing your chocolate addiction, which I will happily do.
You are loved and you are not alone here, do remember that.
Love ya! 
Love Carriexxx
(C) 2014, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved,
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If it doesn’t move you out of your comfort zone, then it isn’t changing anything.

November 5th, 2014 Author:
Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: ' If it doesn't move you out of your comfort zone, then it isn't changing anything,' Lynda Field Life Coach 

Thanks for this Lynda Field, I love what you do x 

This can be tricky, and we can build things up a bit too much sometimes, so get struck by fear and then not doing anything, and stay stuck as it's safe and we are overcome with fear! Can you relate? I know I can. 

Let me give you a very recent personal example of this: Tuesday evening I went to see a film called 100 feet up, with Helen Miram in, and it was so moving, so touching, so beautiful I cried a lot, well actually it was a tears streaming down my face, uncontrollable tears, whilst I was embarrassed , I have to be honest, I felt better as the film was really deeply moving me, it was so beautiful. Definitely, for me, crying like that in public, was outside my comfort zone, go back a couple of years extremely out of my comfort zone. 

Right now I invite you to do a little something towards healing your addiction to chocolate; it could be simply signing up to 12 Free Chunks here:

Or, just admitting to yourself that you are actually addicted to chocolate, and that addiction is something that is causing your pain, is a small step but powerful!! 

Whilst you don't have to have tears streaming down your face, if that's what happens then that's absolutely okay, but just take a chance, take a step, do a little thing, it will make a world of difference, which is why I decided to break up, Chocolate Rehab into chunks, that work together as it's just too much sometimes in one sitting!! 

Love ya, Love Carriexxx

(C) 2014, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved.
p.s you can also sign up for Santa's 49 chunks too.. here:


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i’m not telling you it’s going to be easy..

November 5th, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic, 

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: 'I'm not telling you it's going to be easy, I'm telling you it's going to be worth it.' Sarah-Pink's Promise

This is my approach for Chocolate Rehab!!

Healing habits of a lifetime will take a bit of effort, can be a bit painful, even terrifying, feeling all those feelings you have ignored, but like with anything the 
more you face it and do it the easier it become and less painful it is!!! 

If you are looking for an overnight transformation, or magic pill Chocolate Rehab is not t!! 

Love ya,


(C) 2014, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved,


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Santa’s 49 chunks..

November 4th, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Santa's 49 CHUNKS… 
Santa's coming early to help you, as he loves you that much,
and knows it will help you embrace the festivities….safe in the knowledge you would have at your finger tips lots of support and help!!!
Chunk of Chocolate Rehab:' When you are powerless over something, you are addicted to it,'     Jessie Pavlenka.
Can you relate lovely?
Are you constantly feeling like crap, and cannot see beyond your chocolate addiction and are now desperate for help?
Are you a secret chocolate addict leading a double life?
Are you embarrassed and ashamed by your chocolate addiction as it's ruling your life?
Are you ready to heal your guilty pleasure, that has gone far too many chunks too far, for too long?
If you nodded reading any of the above, you are looking for Santa to come early…
then I have something that you might want to seriously consider, even if as an early Crimbo pressie from you to you!
This idea came from a lady who is doing something with nutrition, starting early December, and I got inspired.. as it's just a bit sad putting off our happiness until… after Christmas.. isn't ?.
Besides which, Chocolate Rehab is an approach suited to any time of the year, in fact any time of the day or night.. not just the first month of 2015!
What is Chocolate Rehab Carrie?
The Chocolate Rehab Programme is not a quick-fix or a magic pill. It will take a bit of your precious time as you get to the heart of why you are so addicted to chocolate.
It's all about feeling your feelings, dealing with them in order to heal them.
It won't be easy, and will at times be quite challenging, and painful, but it will be so worthwhile, and even long-lasting, if you put your heart in to it!
It is not anti-chocolate, at all, in that you do not need to go cold turkey to do it, but if you want to do that, it's up to you. Instead, it is about balancing out the role that chocolate plays in your life, as you reveal, feel, deal and heal what is really going on with you.
It is a priceless gift you would be giving to yourself, as I am sure some of you do not thinking twice about giving your precious time, and attention to many others in your life. Now, it's your turn, to have your own love, care and attention on you for your own well-being.
So, what's the deal Carrie?
Well, for just £49
You will get access to a private facebook group so you can hold each other accountable and be there for each other!!!
You will receive 49 chunks of Chocolate Rehab delivered to your inbox, which is like me being your personal coach..!!!!!! -how cool is that, with a much, much, smaller price tag!!!
You will have lots of support from others who are in the same position, which for many of you, will be a big reason why you sign up, as there is nothing worse  than being and feeling all alone with no-one to turn to, to just support and empathise….
You will receive input and encouragement from me, as I will be posting and checking in with you all!!!
You will actually get a copy of my forthcoming book, Chocolate Rehab, session one, worth £12, for free, just by being part of the group.
You will be able to actually start to heal your chocolate addiction before the end of 2014, by being part of this group… how wonderful is that, so you can begin 2015, on a positive note!
( of course it you want to invest in your 49 chunks of Chocolate Rehab now, and start it later, that's absolutely fine!! As you can work through your chunks whenever you feel like it!!!)
You will have the opportunity, to use your £49, against any future coaching programmes that you join, be in an online group, one-to-one coaching or a group coaching one in 2015.
How does that sound?
Santa is as excited as me by this offer, as he just wants you to feel better, especially in the run up to the festivities, and during them.. and not wait until after.. it seems daft!!
He thinks, his 49 Chunks  could be one of the best presents you could ever give yourself, and I wholeheartedly agree, as I can quite easily imagine you giving your time, energy and money to everyone but you, whilst you stay stuck in your painful chocolate addiction.
So, why not gift yourself this wonderful early Crimbo pressie, with Santa's approval, and start your healing process today, 'cos you are so very worth it!!!!
Any questions, just email me personally on:
I will respond, personally, honestly!
Warning: As this will involve me personally supporting you in the facebook group, I will be limiting the numbers, so if this speaks to you, get sooner rather than later!
*You will be able to work through the chunks of Chocolate Rehab at your own pace, and the beauty of this, is that you can share your experience with others in the group, so you will never be alone!
If you just want to invest in it now and start in 2015, you can of course do that, as the price will increase dramatically in early 2015,( at least x 3 to be honest!!! ) as it will be promoted alongside the book!
Up for it?
Email me : ( Santa will read it too, he's nosey like that!!) and I will forward you the payment details and all the details!
Exciting, Christmas coming early to you!
Love Carrie xx
(C) 2014, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved,
p.s £49 today, get a free copy of the book, at end of November worth £12.
p.p.s Santa wants you to be happier before not after Christmas, hence he approved of this offer!
p.p.p.s Limited places, as I will be supporting you, in the group, as will others, so you will never feel and be alone with your addiction any more, how wonderful is that?!!!! I know, I would have loved that, when I started my own Chocolate Rehab…!!! Am well-jel x




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The best way to protect your heart, is to use it!

October 25th, 2014 Author:
Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: ' The best way to protect your heart is to use it, not pretend you don't have one.' 

I love  this, it's so so true, so healing to do this. We can get out of the habit, especially as chocoholics, as we can often 'eat' our feelings,' so by just starting off a daily practice of saying even if to yourself: I am now feeling….' ( mad, happy, lonely, frustrated, sad, depressed, overwhelmed, stressed, unhappy etc) 

To be honest, I do this a lot in my journal and on the phone to myself sometimes, which helps me so much, and also when people I chat to are not available I even email myself sometimes! Go with whatever feels right for you! Do try and feel your feelings more, even if negative, get them out of your heart, you will feel so much better, lighter and stronger! Be gentle on yourself, and take it one day at time!!

Love ya! Love Carriex xx

(C) 2014, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved,
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what’s revealed, can be healed x

October 22nd, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab; 'what's revealed, can be healed.' 

Now, it's time to look at when your chocolate addiction actually began, to help you to understand what issues it is covering up, so you can healed them!

If by any chance you genuinely cannot remember when your chocolate addiction started or what actually triggered it off, do not worry. Can you then just consider what issues it might be covering up such as low self-esteem, and poor self-image and confidence, for example.

For example; can you remember if you began being addicted to chocolate because of an event that happened to you; such as a heartbreak, loss of a job, loss of a loved one, or just extreme stress, loneliness or boredom, or depression.

It could actually be a number of issues and events that triggered it and not just one, so just grab your notebook and write down what comes to you and feels right to you, in your own time.

My chocolate addiction, started in my late childhood, really but it gathered pace in my teenager years when I frankly preferred chocolate to boys, and it did not exactly go away…

Chocolate became an emotional crutch for me, a serial go-to place for me when I was feeling stressed, lonely,happy, elated, in need of celebration, bored, fed up, depressed, heartbroken, you name it, I went to chocolate for it, and many other reasons!

In fact, chocolate was such a large part of my life that at University, I even did a German oral examination about just how important chocolate was in my life… I know what you are thinking… ie Chocolate Rehab Carrie was an inevitability……at some point or another lol ..

Right now lovely, just go for it, it will feel so much better down on paper. Honestly, it will, as then at least you know what issues you are dealing with so that you can deal with them and heal them; as remember;

' What's revealed, can be healed' Carrie Eddins,

Until our next chunk together!

Love Ya!


© 2014, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved,



P.S; pre-order your very own copy of Chocolate Rehab, at;

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what you resist, persists..

October 21st, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab; 'What you resist, persists.'

I don't know about you, but I admit I can have a tendency to look for the easy way out, and look for something that is much easier

to do to sort something out. I admit I know had I have known healing my chocolate addiction would have taken me so long, I would not have embarked on my Chocolate Rehab…!!!! Heavens no. I would have run for the hills, but something obviously kept me going… a bigger purpose .. YOU!!!!!

We are told everywhere we go, take this pill you will feel better, have your hair done so you will look better, buy this dress you will feel and look like a million dollars… but if you have done any of the above you will know that that good feeling often only lasts a short while, before you are back to feeling like crap, and eating oodles of chocolate to feel better. Can you relate?

I know I can. (Obviously this only applies if you feel unhappy on the inside!!!)

The harsh reality is, that until you sit down and face whatever is going on with you, that you are hiding underneath your chocolate addiction, it will just continue to play out.

For example; say you had low self-esteem with men, you will continue to attract men who treat you badly; I know that one only too well, so I had to sit down and look at why I was attracting these men. It was painful, I am not going to lie. You know, why did I give so much time and care to them, when they rarely appreciated it, and took me for granted, low self-esteem ,poor boundaries and fear of receiving the love and care that I had dreamed about that's why! Now, I know how to set stronger boundaries with men and value myself more, so it was yes painful, but so very worth it!

All of this takes a bit of courage, and being very honest with yourself and gentle at the same time. There's no point in getting all honest and then being too harsh on yourself, as you will end up feeling worse then guilty, then eat chocolate then feel even more guilty and worse! No, if you are going to do this, you just need to face what is going on, and if it is a number of issues, and I know it was with me, (!!) remember you are not alone. Then just take it one issue at a time, as the beauty of this is that as you work with one part of you, other parts can heal too! Magic hey.Just be gentle and start off by looking at what you are resisting.

In your notebook, just respond to the following question; ' I am resisting… and write whatever comes up, and you will start to feel better, just by writing it on the page, as daft as it sounds. You might find that doing this exercise a few times helps, as to begin with it might feel a bit strange and awkward; that's understandable and so normal and natural, it was for me too, let me be honest.

You could be resisting a number of things from happiness, letting go of past pain, re-inventing yourself, peace, health, romance, fulfilment, self-love, feeling enough, following your dreams, being confident to be you, happy in your own skin, to plain old fear..and so the list goes on!!

I trust that helps! Love ya!

Carrie xxxx

(C) Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved,


© 2014, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved.

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