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Never stop chocolate addiction?

September 4th, 2015 Author:

Dearest Chocoholics,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: Never stop chocolate addiction? 

Really! Never say never!! 

I never at times thoughts I could ever heal my chocolate addiction esp when I started out in 2004… 

I never felt I could ever love myself more than chocolate… as it had at times been like my best friend… and my main coping mechanism… for most of my life…

I never felt that I could heal my broken heart… 

I never felt that I could ever be ready to meet the man of my dreams… I had no faith in that happening….

I never felt that I would ever love myself to think and feel that I was ever enough…

I never considered that I could walk past a shop selling chocolate without buying any….

I never dreamed I would be able to refuse chocolate..

It has happened and much much more and I'd love to help you do the same!

Chunk by chunk by chunk by chunk you can blast the 'never's,' out of your life for good when you take your chocolate addiction seriously and learn to heal your addiction to chocolate one chunk at a time! 

Love Carrie x



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Time to heal your chocolate addiction?!!!

September 2nd, 2015 Author:

Dearest Chocoholics,

Wow, the 9th Month of the year! Amazing.

Are you ready to heal your chocolate addiction in this final chunk of the year?

Honestly, when I started my own Chocolate Rehab, I was not, not at all ready. I would rather have not done anything at all. I would rather have had a permanent duvet day to just ignore, deny and suppress my chocolate addiction.. and er just continue hiding it under my pillow, in my handbag, in bins all of the place. 

You see I was a professional at hiding my chocoalte addiction, I would cycle it off, not that it was about weight, or extra weight not at all, although that might have been a side effect..


Mostly my own chocolate addiction at least was about me not wanting to deal with feelings that I was afraid of, especially negative ones like self-hate, and just not feeling worthy of want I wanted, and just hardly a smattering of self-love as I mostly at the time I HATED MYSELF- everything about myself how I looked, how I felt, what I did or did not do, there was a deep self-loathing from within which was represented as my chocolate addiction….

But… in early 2004, I had very little choice to not face my chocolate addiction… as I felt so fucking awful.. I was at a rock bottom that I could not ignore, so I had no choice but to surrender.. and see how with less chocolate I could feel better about myself and my life.

(it's recorded in my Choc Rehab Book, session one, pre-order it here:
out in November!! Yikes- slightly nervous about this!!! ) ..

Everything I have learned during my own Chocolate Rehab.. is being put into my series.. of books.. yep there has to be a series.. I mean.. no kinda Rehab is completed in one sitting hey! 

God no! It needs to be broken down; into chunks, like a chocolate bar so that's what I have done.

Today, instead of waking up feeling like crap, and feeling that I was unloved and worthless, I just know from deep within my heart that I am loved, so loved and that I matter and that I am here to contribute something valuable to the world and that I have people in my life who love me and care about me, and that I have dreams that will be realised as I am so worth it; like finding and marrying the man of my dreams- the search is on!!!!- and creating a Social Enterprise, and learning to drive, and much much more.. omg so much more!!!!!!!!!!

Today, I am feeling loved. Today, I am feeling that I matter and I am feeling that I am not alone.

Today, I do eat chocolate but today, I do not need to eat chocolate until I am sick.

Today, I do not have to eat chocolate to get through a morning, an afternoon, an evening!

Today, chocolate is not my regular go-to-solution when I am feeling like crap, when I am feeling happy, when I am bored, stressed, when I am lonely. 

Today, when I am scared- as of course I do get scared- about things- like writing such an honest post here- I'm scared!_ I am not grabbing chocolate to get through it! Not any more!

And.. that's not to say that sometimes I do not eat a box of chocolates, I do!

What I am saying is that pre-Chocolate Rehab, I could not manage or cope
without chocolate as my 'emotional crutch,' at ALL! 

Chocolate used to be my number 'coping strategy.' I wish I was kidding you here, but I am so not, I have got many t-shirts to prove it!!!

Chocolate Rehab is not anti-chocolate, it is about learning to love yourself more than chocolate, which for many sounds a bit bonkers as I am not suggesting you ban chocolate whilst you are looking to heal your chocolate addiction one chunk at a time, then my approach is not banning chocolate and looking at it as your teacher!!!

To learn more- you can pre-order Chocolate Rehab Session one here:

Or you can PM for details of working with me 1-2-1 or in a group coaching session; as I would love to work with a select group of Chocoholics who are ready to heal their chocolate addiction one chunk at a time!

I trust that my post, as scary as It has been for me to write, inspires you to know that you are worth it and worthy of healing your chocolate addiction, you so are!

Remember, you might never feel or be ready, so then you just need to take charge and go for it and make the decisions to do something about this chocolate addiction that is causing you so much pain,- obviously not everyone's is!! – if it is, then I would love to help you to heal your chocolate addiction one chunk at a time, that's why God made me!!
Love Carrie xxx

p.s more info on working together email:









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What you resist, persists..

July 2nd, 2015 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: "What you resist, persists."

The trouble with an addiction to chocolate, is that 

it can seem like it 

is not that  much..

'cos it's cheap

'cos no-one takes it seriously..

not even yourself..

and it often goes unnoticed ..

by yourself and 


the emotional eating.. that 

happens when you 

keep on 

eating it and ignoring your

feelings can just keep on 

going until..


something happens, and you get so mad or so very sad…

and then you can resort to

eating A LOT more chocolate..

before you announce to the world…

no more.

I no longer want this to continue..

I want to face my chocolate addiction finally and 

deal with why I am so addicted to it and 

deal with those feelings that I have 

been numbing and suppressing through eating

so much of it..

 you know the ones.. not just 

those feelings that you have in the middle of the night ..

but first thing in the morning..

in the afternoon..

well you know ANYTIME!!…

that you would rather not face…

Those are what I am talking about!!


I understand, as that was what happened to me…

in early 2004, heartbroken from a romance that went

horribly wrong, I just started to face my chocolate addiction..

it wasn't pretty..

it was hugely painful..

and something I would rather not repeat.. truth be told..

there was a place deep inside of me that was craving deep love and acceptance..

from well anyone… anyone who would give it to me…

apart from myself..

Even though I was a Life Coach at the time..

I did not really love myself.. hardly at all.

I had a self-hatred campaign running in my insides 24/7…

So I had just kept on eating chocolate ti contain these feelings..

Eventually it has to come out.. the truth..

and that was the time for me.

when I could avoid the pain inside of me… 

No longer..

I just surrendered…

Got help.

Got support and started..

my process.. of learning to 

love myself more than chocolate… 

Truth be told just 

liking myself at first instead of hating myself.

was a HUGE leap !! 

It happened though.. maybe not overnight. 

but day-by-day-by-day-by-day…

Today, I deeply love and accept myself!

Not 24/7, but at least 80% of the time which 

as far as I am concerned is a miracle given where I started..

loathing myself 24/7!!!


Are you looking for this? 

You can, you so can. 

Learn from someone who has done it and who lives and breathes 

it.. ME! 

I will be starting my Chocoholics Anonymous group. this month,

details will be annouced shortly, to be on my list for this email me with the subject heading: CA I'm in Carrie!," 

And I will add you to my exclusive list.


Chat soon,


I trust that helps you realise that until you admit you are addicted to chocolate and then 

decide to do something about it nothing

absolutely nothing changes..

as what you resist.. truly persists!

Love Carrie xx

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Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey

May 26th, 2015 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab:" Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey."

Are you struggling with your chocolate addiction? 

Are you finding it very hard to stop binge eating chocolate?

Are you feeling it nearly impossible to stop eating it?

To be honest, this is normal and absolutely okay when you are addicted to chocolate.

I understand as I used to be you, so I really know how you feel.

During my Chocolate Rehab Programme, I explain, at the heart of it

what do to when you are feeling like giving  up even trying to heal your chocolate addiction. 

This happened to me many, many times.

It's very hard though when you are trying hard to heal something

like this, and it can be very lonely!

I understand this too. 

It can be very isolating, as not many people


or take this addiction seriously…

I get it! 


For me,  this has been a real big reason

why I kept on with finishing writing my book

so that I could heal my own 

addiction and actually then help a lot of others like you!

Really, this process of healing your 

chocolate addiction one chunk at a time is a daily process

it is something that happens to you

each day. something that you 

work on daily.

it is not something that happens as a one-off process.

And you will fail, you will feel like a stumble in the road 

is the end of the journey you will


So many of us go through this. and we want to give up!

This is okay and totally natural!

I did this so many times.

When I got re-triggered and got back into binge cycles and found

it very hard to stop!


But the point of Chocolate Rehab

is that it is about learning to love yourself

NO MATTER how much chocolate you have just eaten

or just even EATING right in this moment…

When you learn to love yourself  no matter how 

much chocolate you are eating or have just eaten, then you will be able to

keep on picking yourself from 

ANY stumbles in the road..

and start to heal your addiction to chocolate 

one chunk at a time! 

My process is not at all anti-chocolate!

It is just about balancing out your relationship with chocolate and 

learning to love  yourself more,

and learning to love yourself


Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: Place your hand on your 

heart and say: " I love and accept you now,:

Say this x 3, ideally in front of a mirror and you

will likely feel a bit strange

to begin with but it will get easier!

The first time I did this I literally cried, as I did not

love myself at all, I hated myself..

Today it is so much easier, and whilst 

I do not love myself 24/7, I so much better than 

I have ever been i.e. no self-loathing!! 

Try it and let me know how 

you get on! 

I trust that happens,

Chat soon,

Love Carrie x 

p.s Grab some free support here with 12 Free Chunks of Chocolate Rehab:

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Be Patient and trust the process

May 20th, 2015 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: " Stay patient and trust the journey." 

It's not always easy to keep going when you are trying to heal a chocolate addiction! It can be that one  day you are feeling great and able to get help and support to deal with your emotions as they come up and on other days you are find that the only solution to get through the day is with chocolate. Do not feel bad or ashamed, this one chunk forward and two back, is just part of the process. It is better to just expect that you will fail your way through than try too hard and expect it to be perfect all the way!

The thing about healing any kind of addiction, such a chocolate is that as you start to unwrap each chunk of your addiction you might find that some are more difficult than others and you could need extra help and support , and that is not  bad thing or nothing to be ashamed about at all!

My suggestions is just no matter what happens, even after a chocolate binge, just keep going, be gentle on yourself and do not allow yourself to stay too long in guilt, as that just serves to keep you stuck and feeling worse and worse. If you are feeling shame about a chocolate binge, or almost non-stop chocolate eating, just own it, and feel it, and let it go, and just start again. Love and accept yourself, no matter how much chocolate you are eating or have just eating, be patient and just trust the journey and keep on going! 

Let me now how you get on, here or via email:

Love Carrie x 

(c) 2015, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved, 








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Chocoholics Anonymous… starting Monday 11th May 2015

May 4th, 2015 Author:

Dear Chocoholics,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: You are worth taking your chocolate addiction seriously and committing to healing it!

As promised here's details for my 21 Day Chocoholics Anonymous group..( revised after your feedback!!! ) 

First of all you need to know…

I used to be so addicted to chocolate I used to go out in the middle of the night to the 24 hour garage to get my next chocolatey fix…

I used to crave chocolate more than well anything,

I used to prefer it to men, to sex… er A LOT! 

I used to eat it so much to avoid my feelings, especially the negative ones..

I even did a German oral at University about why chocolate was so important in my life.. I am so not kidding……!!

In early 2004, I checked myself, after doing a life review, and painfully realising just how chocolate was negatively affecting my life….

At the heart of it, I used chocolate to cover up the fact, then that I felt unloved and utterly worthless and unloveable……

Today, I am a totally different person!

I am not perfect by any stretch..

I love and accept myself deeply, whereas before I didn't at all..

I can walk past shops selling chocolate.. a miracle looking back…

I am able to express my emotions and get my needs met whereas before I just stuffed them down with bars and bars of chocolate…

I know I am loved and that I am worthy and I AM LOVEABLE! 

All of this my story is in my forthcoming book Chocolate Rehab, session one coming out in June… ( exact date to be revealed soon! ) 

BUT, I wanted to help you lovelies before my book arrives through the letter box…

So, here's details of my Chocoholics Anonymous 21 Day Group….

DRUMROLL purrlease….. 

This group is …. 

For you if you are finally ready to start to heal your chocolate addiction one chunk at a time…

For you if you ready to start to unwrap why you are so addicted to chocolate …

For you if you at a place where you are so exhausted by your vicious, seemingly never-ending chocolate eating cycle..

For you if you open and ready to focus on you, and learning to love and accept yourself maybe more than you have ever done in your life!! 

I can't promise this process will be easy but I can promise you it will be worth it! 
Why 21 Days Carrie? 

Well, it has often been said that it takes 21 days to change a habit! 

And for me, whilst I am not guaranteeing that you will completely heal your chocolate addiction in 21 days, I am sure you will discover a lot about why you are so addicted, and come away with a lot of invaluable tools to support your healing process! 

Why no guarantee to completely heal it by then Carrie?

Because for me when you try to put a deadline on healing, it rarely works, as we are all very different, and we all know there is no logic to emotions!! And much of this work at the beginning is emotional! 

So, the details are: 

For just £49 you get 21 Chunks of Chocolate Rehab, into your personal inbox…

You get 21 Opportunities to Skype with me and all of the others in the group- as that's what you requested you wanted
= the importance of support with others who are just like you
ie addicted to chocolate and desperate to heal it one chunk at a time!

You get exclusive membership of a private Facebook group, with my daily input, and where you will get much more support from others who are just like you= priceless all we ever want is to be: 
'seen, valued and heard,' this will do that and more! 

All for just £49, if you are up for it

It starts on Monday 11th May, for 21 days only, starting with a Skype 8pm British GMT time, and then I will alternate times for others i.e. your Aussies & Americans too okeydokie? 

These 21 Skype calls will be recorded and uploaded to the private Facebook group. – woo-hoo smile emoticon Cool hey? !!!

You in? 

There's more too- if you know other chocoholics, who you feel would be up for this then forward to it, and if they are up for it, you get a commission, of 50% i.e. £24.50, at the end of their programme i.e. on Sunday 31st May 2015!!! 

PM me and I will forward you a personalised invoice, and all the sign up details, the schedule for the calls and provide me with your email address too! 


Just ask me! PM me, or email:

Love Carriexxx

p.s Chocolate Rehab is not anti-chocolate and you can eat it whilst you work through it! It is about balancing out the role it plays, so it is not your enemy it is your teacher and as you deal with how you are feeling, you will start to heal your addiction to chocolate one chunk, at a time!!! xxx

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Chocolate Addiction.. help?

April 21st, 2015 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic, Chunk of Chocolate Rehab:

"It's hard to change when you are too  busy making excuses. " Scott Stabile. Okay, is this you?

Are you always talking about how you are finally ready to heal your chocolate addiction,

but just keep on avoiding doing something about it?

Are you scared it will be too hard, or that it will never happen?

 I used to feel like that especially when I first started to look into healing my own chocolate addiction,

it was an utter nightmare!

So, hard, no-one took chocolate addiction seriously apart from just on a nutritional level,

or the hypnotherapists-

and as wonderful as these things are I knew deep down it was

only part of the healing puzzle.

I always knew that to heal my chocolate addiction

I needed to look at it holistically, or it would not last!!

It took me ages, to unwrap my addiction to chocolate 

. thankfully because I have done this, and I used to  actually wake

up to wrappers under my pillow…

You do not need to take the many months it took me !

You cannot though rush this process of healing your chocolate addiction,

as you have to get really deep and get to know how you are feeling

and this can be utterly scary for many,

as they wear such a mask. I am not going to lie,

it was scary and can be scary,

but the more you practice being emotionally honest with yourself the easier it becomes.

It will be hard but will be utterly worth it !

By taking time to get to know yourself on a deeper level,

and look at loving yourself more than chocolate you will be

giving yourself the biggest gift you could ever give yourself!

The gift of learning to deeply love and appreciate yourself more than chocolate,

well more than anything,

as you are the most important person in your life,

surely that is worth you investing some time,

energy and money into?!! Here's the details for my 21 Day Chocolate Rehab:

which is really an exclusive group of chocoholics

who have decided to commit to healing their chocolate addition one chunk at a time together!

You will be part of a private Facebook group and

you will be receiving x 21 Chunks of Chocolate Rehab

into your inbox daily and you will be entitled to x 3 hours of 1-2-1 with me,

for just £49.

These 21 Days will really get you started on your own Chocolate Rehab Programme,

it is a process, a daily process! Any questions just email me:

I would so love to help you to heal your chocolate addiction :)

Love Carriex

p.s Limited places and this price will only be there for this first group! Are you ready to ditch your excuses now and start your healing? Here's the details:



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Chocoholics Anonymous you in?

April 19th, 2015 Author:




Dearest Chocoholic, 

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab:  " Sometimes you can hurt yourself more
by keeping your feelings hidden."

Easter is over, did u survive it ? Just! I can totally relate to you! 

For some chocoholics, Easter is an utter nightmare
as there is far too much temptation
at their fingertips,
and they just simply cannot resist and end up over-lndulging to the max…
Can you relate to this?
I know I can. That's why I  am in touch with you now
that Easter has been and gone.

Now, that there is a bit of space between yourself and Easter are you
finally ready to do something positive about your chocolate addiction?

If so, it's your lucky day as I am starting this very week,
 on Wednesday 22nd April ,
my very first Chocoholics Anonymous group! 
This is no joke, I am absolutely serious about this. 

Are you ready to reveal your hidden feelings
of your chocolate addiction,
and deal with them to heal them? 

Are you ready to deal with your pain underneath
your chocolate addiction?

Are you ready to finally start to take your
power back
start to really become aware of the issues
underneath your chocolate addiction
such as low self-esteem, poor self-confidence, emotional stress,
and boredom, for example? 

Well, if any of the above statements speak to you,
then I'm your lady! I'm so here to help.

I am launching my Chocoholics Anonymous group,
today which will be a kick-starter one,
for the beginning of your Chocolate Rehab Programme. 

You will receive daily emails for 21 days to support you,
and you will be able to book x 3 20 minute coaching slots
( on Skype)  with me  during each week
= that's an hour a week worth £300. 

With each email, you will be able to email me personally with questions
and feedback, and be personally invite to a private Facebook group.
( obviously only if you are on facebook! 

Are you ready for Chocolate Rehab? !!!
Ready to heal your pain underneath your chocolate addiction finally,
especially now Easter is over and Spring is here!! 

If this is for you, but you have some questions,
then please do email me at: 

I am here to help you to heal your chocolate addiction
one chunk at a time! 
Why only 21 days Carrie? 
21 days is the time it takes to change a habit, so that's why it is for 
that amount of time! 

This 21 Day of Chocolate Rehab, is a kickstarter,
as it is laying the foundation for your own process,
as the beginning is the most important stage,
like a when you go on a Fitness Bootcamp,
you have to really dig deep and get to know what is
really happening for you
and in your heart, that's what this  21 days is for.

Are you in? 

Email me: "Carrie I'm In! "- and I will forward you a Paypal invoice
and other ways you can pay to, including Bank Transfer details.

It all kicks on, this coming Wednesday– 22nd April
 with you first email starting then.

You will have to actually take action, a lot of action,
to get the most out of this intensive process,
and you have to contact me to arrange
your mini coaching sessions,
not the other way around! 

How much is it Carrie?

It's just £49  for 21 days, very limited places;
this price will go up when I launch it again,
to triple the amount, as this is my very first one! 

Why so cheap Carrie? 

Well, I am just wanting to get my first one done
and out of the way and
get some fresh testimonials; so be aware that
I will not repeat this price ever again!!
( Next time it will be at least double this amount,
as the next time,
the book will be out too!!! ) 

£49 = £2.33 per day = equivalent of x
3 chocolate bars, or one very large
one per day! 

* 100% upfront, and you will need to provide
me with your best email address
for me to email you the daily Chunks of Chocolate Rehab.

To remind you: 

* You get 21 Chunks of Chocolate Rehab, 
   one per day for 21 days
* You get the opportunity to email me
   personally and get some feedback .
* You get x 3 20 minutes slots with me per week,
  ( i.e. for 3 weeks )
  which  you have to arrange with me! 
* You get to really kick-start your own
   Chocolate Rehab learning from
someone who has been there, done it and healed her decade long
chocolate addiction.

And that's all folks! 

Chat soon,

Love Carriex 

p.s £49 for 21 Days  of Chocolate Rehab & x 3 hours of personal 1-2-1 coaching
with me worth £300.
p.p.s Limited places, as it's just me, & never-to-be-repeated price of £49!!! 
p.p.p.s Questions? Email:










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March 16th, 2015 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab:" My only regret in life is that while I was there for everyone else, I forgot to be there for me. " Cheryl Richardson _ ( I Love her!! Thanks Cheryl smile emoticon )

MM. this is quite interesting hey.. many of you here I am sure are able to rescue and support and be there for others and avoid doing that very thing for you!! I see this a lot; especially from women to be honest! 

I am not suggesting to not be there and help and support others, at all, it's the biggest gift you can ever give anyone in life, your time, your care and your loving attention. What is not healthy is that when you do this at the expense of doing it for yourself!!!! 

How on earth do I start to do this Carrie?

Well, just by carving out a bit of time daily, yep I did write DAILY! 
Even if just ten minutes and really check in with yourself. 
How are you feeling, really, really feeling? What is going on that you know you need to deal with that you have been avoiding? 
Your chocolate addiction, I am sure is masking this. 

For example. what simple thing can I do to support myself here:

1. Acknowledge how you are feeling.
2. Sitting in that or those feelings.
3. Do you need help and support here to deal with them?
4. Reaching out for that support- yep really. 
5. Do you need to put an action plan together to deal with a problem.
6. Do it. 
7. Don't make it too much, just little things as they will add up! 
8. Pat yourself on the back, give yourself a hug, you did good!! 
9. Happy dance, well done, I'm thrilled for you, you gave yourself a bit of your precious loving care and attention to yourself!! Yay! 

Whatever it is, just start getting really in touch with it and start putting a plan together to face it, feel it, and deal with it. 

Your loving kind and precious time and attention will be so well spent on you, dearest chocoholic, you are more than worth it!

The beauty of taking a bit of time, on yourself is that it will benefit everything else in your life, every other relationship you have!!

I know it's like magic, it so is!!!!! 

Remember you are a priceless, lovely person, whatever you are doing and however you are feeling, and yep even if you have just binged on chocolate, or are even now binging on chocolate! 
You are beautiful, worthy of love, care and attention now and always!

Big hugs, and I trust that helps. 

Just aim to carve out ten minutes a day, and let me know how that feels and what happens- I am excited for you!! 

Love Carriexxx



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Your relationship with yourself affects your life

March 3rd, 2015 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab :" Your relationship with you sets the tone for every other relationship you have." Carol M. Barrett Awakening People

Love this. We have been taught to look for happiness, joy, and pleasure, and er well everything with others, with things, with chocolate even! If you are looking for love, kindness and well anything everywhere else but from yourself and for yourself, then whatever you get and receive from anyone, or anything else only goes so far if you do not love, respect and accept yourself! That's not to say that we cannot get happiness, pleasure, love and support from others, of course we can too! 

But, if you do not have a healthy relationship with yourself, anything anyone can do only goes so far! Even chocolate if you have a relationship with chocolate, at the expense of yourself, then your relationships with anyone else are sorely limited. 

To change this, starts with awareness, and then a decision to want to get help and support. It's not going to be super easy to change these habits of a lifetime and start to become your own best friend instead of own worst enemy, but it's so possible, one day at a time. It's a process, and you are so worth it! It's so possible.

To get help and support with this, you can hire me at the moment on a ' pay what you want,' basis, for a limited time, and get one-to-one support from me, someone who has healed from a chocolate addiction that went on for years, so I know how you feel! 

Email: to book an appointment and we will arrange a session.

I trust that helps, if you are feeling like your own worst enemy at the moment, that's okay, just be gentle on yourself, forgive yourself and right now commit to doing something about it. Change happens with a decision to, simple as.

Love Carriexxx

(c) 2015, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved, 




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