Post Easter Detox for chocolate?

April 23rd, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

I trust you had a lovely Easter, I most certainly did spending time with lots of family, it was nice and relaxed and the weather here in the UK was not too bad, surprisingly, which was most welcome:) I did have an Easter Egg, as Chocolate Rehab is NOT anti-chocolate, rather it's pro balancing out the role chocolate plays in your life, if you choose to do so, obviously!!


Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: Post Easter could be the perfect time for you to finally, take your addiction to chocolate seriously and commit to healing it one chunk at time, only you will know when it's right, no one else, listening to your feelings, as they will know- I know in early 2004 I knew, I was in so much pain with my addiction to chocolate, I HAD to do something, as I felt so awful about myself, so out of control with my chocolate cravings, and so very out of touch with my feelings, and so enormously fed up, very depressed, very ' knickers I don't know what to do with my life,' 'ness too, so out of this extreme pain ( as I broke up with this lovely Aussie man at the time, the final trigger- all in my book! Yikes!) Chocolate Rehab was borne, although it started off being all about nutrition and being called 'desparate for chocolate,' but that's another story lovelies


Much Love,


Carriexxx p.s Why not start your own Chocolate Rehab process now, and sign up for my '30 chunks,' of Chocolate Rehab, delivered straight into your inbox for just £6, or $10 USD, to support and help you to heal your addiction to chocolate one chunk at time!!??!

p.p.s: email me for more details:

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Why I’m now like ‘ Fat Amy,’ from Pitch Perfect, and I love it!!!!! ( and her!!)

April 14th, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholics,


Omg, I admit that I am so loving Pitch Perfect the film, from last year( I only watched it two weeks ago!!) and especially their soundtrack, it is so great! I love how they mix in different songs; it's so great! I am singing it A LOT at the moment!! I love the riff of when they go into 'no diggity,' and I love the Bruno Mars mix up too, that's my favourite:)


In the film, my absolute favourite character is 'Fat Amy,' I so love her, she reminds me of me now, but not how I have always been.( As now, I am proud to be, whatever my weight, and I'm so not skinny, and of my sense of humour, and my quirkiness, and of my silliness and my intelligence and of my 'fat heart,' as she talks about, that's for another blog post!!


In the past:


I used to be so embarassed and upset about my appearance, and hide underneath clothes that simply just made me look awful, even when I was pretty fit playing sport every day, boys saying I had 'tree trunk legs,' destroyed my self-confidence again and again, and them calling me the 'fatest member of the netball squad did not exactly help me either!'


I used to get really embarassed about my 'blondeness,' and believe me, I have so many 'blonde moments, forgetting so many basic things from my keys, to basic instructions, that I used to get super-stressed and upset about it all the time growing up and actually until a few years ago, and yes every now and then I do get triggered….


I used to get really really upset by how people would just pick on me and bully me because of how I looked, and who I was, it really used to grind me down to be honest, I was picked on for being overweight, for being on a sports team, for being loud, for being friends with people, for loving animals, for being vegetarian, you name I got bullied for it! Once at Middle School, after being asked to read out a passage about a pig being killed and crying as a result, I recall so many people in the school bullying me for weeks because of it, which was obviously enormously upsetting.


And guess what I used to do.. yep it doesn't take a brain surgeon to realise this one..


I used to eat lots and lots of chocolate…. almost endlessly! It was a comfort, it was like a friend and it made me feel better even if for a few moments… :(x


What I love about 'fat amy,' ( which she calls herself to take the wind out of the sails of all those bullies!) is she is just herself whether the others like her or not. She laughs and jokes her way through the film, and it's obviously that she loves and accepts herself just as she is, and that's the most magnetic quality she has, she embraces herself right in the moment!


Now, flash forward me today, I am so much more like 'fat amy,' than I have ever been, and I'm proud to be like her, so proud, and that journey that I have been on in my 'Chocolate Rehab,' is written, on the right side of my forthcoming book, where I reveal the personal journey that I have been through! And no, I am not perferct I still have many things to learn, and grow and develop from and through but I am so so much happier with who I am and how I am in the world, and watching Pitch Perfect, helped me to see that much more!


Fat Amy, I salute and love you, she follows what His Holiness the Dalai Llama says the philosophy of laughter being your greatest protection, so wise and so very true!!


Love 'Fat Carrie.' xxxx

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Help I’m a chocoholic get me out of here!!! :(:(

April 8th, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

One of my twitter follower's recently tweeted: " Help, I 'm a Chocoholic Get me out of here!! :( :(,  which really spoke to me, and many others! I most certainly can relate to her feelings here, can you? !! :( x

Well, with Easter fast-approaching, chocoholics can seriously amp up their addiction and indeed their pain! It's like extreme heaven quickly turning into extreme 'hell' potentially hey!!

I know that feeling of never being able to get enough chocolate to make me feel better only too well, and then afterwards being rather sick. I have the t-shirts, and all that, but I got through it, as I just made the decision that I did not want to be a slave to chocolate  as my main source of happiness and as a way of avoiding all those uncomfortable feelings I had been stuffing down with chobbling on endless bars of it! This wasn't always easy to do, and whilst I still do eat chocolate, I feel so much better in myself and have so many other sources of happiness in my life now both through feeling so much happier with myself and with life too, you will discover much more about this is my book that is out next month!!

So, dearest chocoholics, in the meantime, here are a few quick tips to help, you during this rather challenging time!


a) Notice how you are feeling before, during and after your Easter Eggs, as by being more conscious of your chocolate eating habits you will be more able to look at healing them!

b) You can and you will feel better with a little less chocolate in your life!


c) admitting how you are feeling is the start of the process of healing your addiction and addressing your pain.



d) If I can do it, after a lifelong addiction, and you can do it!


e) Chocolate Rehab the book is finally on it's way very shortly, packed full of details, rather honest ones about my own Chocolate Rehab Process and chunks of Chocolate Rehab helping you with yours!

f) Finally, please know you are always loved, never alone and that you matter, however many chocolate eggs you eat!

g) Be gentle on yourself however much you might or might not have eaten, as beating yourself up for it, (well for anything really) does not really help you to feel better or to move your life forward, it only serves to keep you stuck in a painful place, and we most certainly do not want that now do we!! Absolutely not!! XXx


Much love ,


Carrie xxx

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Chocolate Addiction Lent

February 16th, 2013 Author:

Dear Chocoholic,

I wonder how many of you last week decided to commit to giving up chocolate for lent? If you did, well fair play to you, go for it!!!!

I am just writing a little post here, that might support you through until Easter Sunday on 31st March. ( And beyond, of course!!)

For me, to help you to give up chocolate it would be helpful to you, to write down, and get really clear just why you are wanting to do it! Yep, really, as it will help when it could get a bit tough.  So you could write this in your phone, on your computer, or in a special journal, I find it hard to resist a good journal to write my thoughts and feelings in, but that's just me :)

I would suggest buddying up with at least one other person so that you can support each other when you might be having serious withdrawal symptoms and you could keep each going and keep each other committed, you know those times when you might be dreaming in chocolate, or not being able to get it out of your head!

You could have your 'buddy,' on speed dial for those moments when you are feeling very weak, and have back up plans for what you might do instead? For example: how could you do something that will give you pleasure without chocolate? Could you exercise, could you take the dog or someone's dog a walk, could you meet your friend for a cuppa, could you snuggle up to your lover, or child, could you practice deep breathing, or make yourself something nourishing and tasty to eat, and so the list goes on!!

And finally, I would very much love to know what your reward for this time of giving up chocolate would be? Can you identify something that would inspire you to keep going? Would it be that feeling of self-control? Would it be to bet with your buddy that you could do it and treat each other to lunch or something? Whatever feels right here, go for it. It can help some of us to have an end in mind when we attempt to do things like this, it could even be that just starting and committing to do with a friend could be enough to get you through to the end, quite honestly.

I trust you have found value here, in the meantime, do let me know if you have any questions about overcoming chocolate addiction, that I am happy to respond to here!

Just email me at:


Much love,


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Valentines Day & Chocolate

February 15th, 2013 Author:

Dear Chocoholics,

Happy Valentines Day to you! I imagine you will have celebrated it with lots of chocolate; unlike though rest of the world, this is likely just a normal day for you? Right?

If so, then stick with me as I might be the person who is able to help you once and for all overcome your chocolate addiction with my own Chocolate Rehab Programme.

It's all  about relationships, learning from your relationships with chocolate; and how this reflects your relationship with yourself and the world.

It's all about listening to and honouring and indeed experiencing your feelings as the role of a feeling is to be felt. The more you suppress and repress your feelings, especially the negative ones, with lots of chocolate, the more you just stay stuck.

It's all about looking at parts of yourself you would rather hide behind chocolate; as really you are truly wanting to be perfect, and not have anyone know the 'real you,' as that would mean you could lose someone's love or attention.

It's all about realising that you could go through Chocolate Rehab and in time you could revert back to old habits as we are not robots, and I am not offering you a magic pill or cure-all.( Obviously, I am going to give you a lot of ideas of how to get back on track very fast though!!)

It's all about the idea that the more you develop a love affair with yourself instead of with chocolate you will become more loving, forgiving, and accepting of yourself and more willing to seek help from other things than chocolate bar, you so will!

I will be releasing my newly updated version of Chocolate Rehab, before Easter, so watch this space.

Check out my Chocolate Rehab Shop for my special Valentine's coaching offer!


In the meantime, I look forward to hearing your chocolate addiction questions which I will answer here on the blog!

Happy Valentines, remember you are always loved, no matter what!

Love Carriex

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Chocolate addiction a growth opportunity

November 18th, 2012 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

 Long time no posting, it’s not personal I have just been busy updating my Chocolate Rehab Programme and indeed simplfying it which is all!

 I wonder, have you ever considered that your addiction to chocolate could actually be one of your greatest teacher’s or greatest growth opportunities, as my Reiki Master, the lovely Sue Gessey would say! Seriously Carrie? Absolutely, as it reveal to you, just where you could allow yourself to feel better, become better and indeed let go of things, ideas and  even people in your life that are no longer making you feel good! For me, this has happened a lot recently and maybe for you, if you took a few moments and considered, okay here are a few examples that might well help you.

 I am eating a lot of chocolate as I am feeling very stressed out a work- so… I could look at this that my addiction to chocolate is showing me, that looking for extra support in my role at work could help, or looking at other ways of dealing with my stress at work or even it could be a change in jobs! So, you could set an intention to deal with the stress at work, which feels right for you.

 Another scenario might be- I am eating a lot of chocolate because I  am feeling depressed. Here. I  would suggest here digging at bit deeper and asking yourself what do you feel depressed about. For example:  say it is your body-image. Then,  I would then encourage you to look at loving all parts of your body even the parts you might hate! Go for the ‘size sexy,’ rather than the ‘perfect size,’ you are absolulte wonderful, sexy and beautiful right now, by affirming: " I am sexy, lovely and beautiful now!"

A final scenario could be.. I am eating a lot of chocolate as I am feeling like I am lacking love in my life, the romantic kind that I really want. Okay, so, I would look at how you can fall in love with yourself first off, and feel grateful for your singledom, honour yourself, take yourself out on dates, and treat yourself like the Goddess you are right now! Also, I would wholeheartly suggest reading one of the most amazing books I have ever read about Romantic Relationships too, by the lovely Lauren Frances called: ‘Dating, Mating & Manhandliing, as it gives you so many gems of wisdom about men, how to flirt with them and how to treat them, it’s ooozes class and I am sure will help you get a love life, it’s working for me!!!!

 Do let me know your feelings about the above post and do email any questions you would  like to me answer on the blog!!

 Remember, there is life after your chocolate addiction, even if you might not feel this to be true right now, there so it!


Much love,




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Chocolate Addiction Help

April 9th, 2012 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

I trust you had a lovely Easter and enjoyed your chocolate! Yep,  I did just write that! One of the most common questions that I am asked is if I am anti-chocolate, I am absolutely not; rather I am pro-balancing the role cohcolate plays in your life. Typically, for a Chocolate addict it plays are ‘overly active’ role as a way of compensating for lack of love, joy and pleasure in their life, where they tend to give into to feelings of fear over feelings of love :(


Today I would like to help support those of you who feel drawn to Chocolate Rehab make a conscious commitment to take your addiction to cohcolate seriously and set the intention to do something about it:)

It is a powerful time, after Easter as we start a new part of the seasons, so why not go for it, give yourself the gift of embracing this amazing growth opportunity of looking at how you can overcome your addiction to chocolate!

I know, it always helps having people who have been there and done that do it, and I so have, and so I can support you all the way be it here on my blog, on the facebook page, or even via the self-coaching modules on my site or by having one-to-one coaching and shortly via group coaching! A wonderful way of setting an intention to commit to overcoming your addiction to chocolate could be to write it down in your phone or diary and let a close friend or your partner know of your commitment; or better still buddy up with someone you know who will help support you through this journey!


The best place to start once you have a set this intention is to actually raise your awareness of your chocolate eating habits as you have likely  been eating chocolate unconsciously and not really being fully aware of your emotional or behaviourial triggers. So start this by tracking when you eat chocolate, and how you feel before during and after! Yep really, I am completely serious here!

This process helps you enormously to truly build an accurate picture of just where you own growth opportunities are in terms of how your addiction to chocolate is affecting your life and so how to it is showing up in your life. This could be through low self-esteem, low self-confidence, boredom, loneliness, overwhelming stress, heart-ache or just plain fear! :( Okeydokie, I look forward to hearing from you about how you find this process ! Oh and set a time frame on tracking your chocolate eating habits; such as for a week, two weeks or even a month, go for whatever feels righ to you!  


Much love, light & giggles, Carriexxxxxxxx





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Chocolate Bingeing

April 6th, 2012 Author:


Dearest Chocoholic,

Happy Easter! I know, it’s that time of year where chocolate is pretty much everywhere!!! LOL! It’s the time of year too, where if you are a chocoholic you can quite simply ‘blend,’ into nearly everyone who celebrates Easter, at least, scoffing their way through ‘mountains’ of chocolate!

For me, this is not a bad or good thing, it just is! Honestly, I would just surrender to this moment of madness, these hours and then just commit when you are ready to balancing our your chocolate addiction, as I am firm believer in ‘what you resist, persists,’ so sometimes it is absolutely vital to actually surrender to the moment, and to our feelings! Your feelings this Easter could be initially of joy and happiness about chocolate and then could change to be sad, and depressed. Whatever your feelings are this Easter just surrender to them, as they will pass!

As you pass through your feelings  and allow them to be felt, then they will have less of a ‘hold’ over you, especially if they are negative feelings. For example: guilt, if you feel guilty about eating too much chocolate, feel the guilt and then just let it go as otherwise it just keeps you in the guilt!  This is because your ‘head or ego,’ just wants to constantly punish you and keep you unhappy and suffering, so just forgive yourself and move on as the guilt just keeps you in the negative and will very likely keep you just having and wanting more and more chocolate making you feel more guilt, making you feel worse and worse!!

 I know, you know, and I know and we often find this hard to do, especially when our head is involved! So, I invite you to let yourself off the hook and after your Easter chocolate eating, just see how you can let it go with love and move on!


Say you felt lots of very positive feelings about your chocolate eating, fully feel them, feel your feelings of joy and yummyness around the chocolate and then let them go! As more positive feelings will arrive in your life, it’s natural!

Once you get into the habit of acknowledging your feelings before, during or after eating  chocolate you will be able to notice the triggers for your excessive chocolate comsumption and start to be able to then address the underlying issues of it which will then ultimately help you to balance out the role that chocolate plays in your life!

If you are in denial of how you feel about chocolate,or you are incessantly bingeing on it,  or even constantly thinking about where you next chocolate bar is coming from with a ‘chocolate brain’ , then the more you acknowledge this and often just eat some, you are often more able to move on!

So surrender, eat some chocolate this Easter  and  then after Easter see how you feel, how you deeply really feel and then see what you would like to do about it, be it addressing your feelings and needs such as low self-worth, and look at ways you can improve this!

Love, light & giggles, Carriexxxx






Much love & light & laughter,


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Fear of failure?

March 24th, 2012 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

I wonder if you have been following the Austrailian Olympic Swimming in Adelaide recently? Maybe some of my Aussie followers? Can you tell I am a bit of a swimming fan? Well, Ian Thorpe, Australia’s most successful swimmer, mounted his comeback and bless his soul got so so close to qualifying for the Australian team for the London Olympics but he did not qualify…He got so so close but ‘failed.’ He put all his energy, efforts and soul on the line, he put everything and was just seconds away from qualifying for the semi-finals in either the 100m freestyle or the 200m freestyle.


And guess what he did discover? He discovered a love for something, swimming that he had lost during his years out of swimming, around 5,  after many years of being pheneomonally successful. He discovered that he still wants to continue swimming as he just loves it and wants to see what can happen as he develops further.. Interesting!!!

Carrie, what’s your point here? Aha, well you see I feel that many of you might not be taking your addiction to chocolate seriously as you are fearing that you might fail?mm does this resonate? I understand completely and you know you might well fail. Yep I just wrote that. You might ‘fail,’ ie get a completely different outcome that you expect, and?…

I know I have been there and done there and got many t-shirts during my rather extended journey in overcoming chocolate and you know I do have my odd challenges and moments when I have and need some chocolate, it is just that they are no longer as intense or as extensive…!

For me, I can provide you with a number of tools that you can draw upon, and hyou can apply them in your daily life; but as we all emotional beings and life happens there are no guarantees whatsoever as it all depends on how you respond to your own unique challenges in life! For example: what I personally have discovered is that as you learn each lesson, be it overcoming your addiction to chocolate or learning to love yourself more, another lesson magically appears; which is what life is all about!

So by embracing the prospect of ‘failure,’ and really acknowledging your fear of it, actually makes it less likely to happen and more likely that you will become successful at whatever it is you have set your heart on, and often it what you have set your heart on does not manifest in the way that you intended it to, something even better often does!

For example, as I made my way through my own ‘Chocolate Rehab,’ I ‘failed,’ and ‘failed,’ and ‘failed,’ throughout many months but each time I discovered invaluable feedback which I will be sharing with you in my forthcoming book such as the importance of a multi-level approach, ie not just looking at chocolate addiction from a mental or nutritional or even emotional level!! Yes, I screamed from the top of my lungs repeatedly at the time, yet now I see the gold in it!! 


So, I wholeheartedly invite you to fear your fear of failure and do it anyway! In this case, take your addiction to chocolate seriously and commit to overcoming it be it with Chocolate Rehab or something else, as you so deserve to feel and be happy which I honestly feel is the sole purpose of our lives!

As always, I look forward to hearing from you and I absolutely invite your questions and suggestions for blog posts which I will post and even coach you in; just email me at:

Much love, light & giggles,





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Moving from your head to your heart!

March 20th, 2012 Author:



Dearest Chocoholic,
I was lucky enough to go to a ‘success in the city,’ women’s networking meeting yesterday at the Cube in Birmingham to listen to the awesome Dawn Gibbins, what an amazingly inspiring lady, am still I admit a bit gobsmacked!! She is such an incredible lady, who I am so grateful I have connected with! Omg:) Magic is indeed in the air!!!!
Listening to her business presention on helping women to be more authentic and to communicate from their hearts more and their heads less, really reminded me of a key aspect of the Chocolate Rehab Programme, which is the same; that is to listen to your heart more than your head.
As you start to become more conscious of your feelings in your daily life and then acknowledge and then listen to your feelings  will start to lessen their power over you! It’s a bit like until you acknowledge your feelings whatever they are and however painful they are, until you do they just keep on keeping on; and all it will do is make you feel worse and likely cause you to just eat more and more chocolate! 
A great way for you to connect with your feelings is to actually sit down daily for even just five minutes at the start of the day and five at the end of the day and journal your feelings about yourself and your life. As you start to do this, you can just simply respond to the following question in your journal: " how do I feel? "  As you repeat this process you can then start to respond to other questions such as: " How can I feel better? What do I need to help me to feel better? " Aha, I can hear you shouting at me: " Carrie, we just need chocolate…!" LOL!! 
If you find writing a lot in a journal a  bit of a challenge, or that it is just not for you, then consider texting or emailing yourself even if just simple words about  how you feel, even using your writing the words out  ie fed up, exhausted, frustrated, angry, controlled. and then turn it around and write down your ideas for how to turn this around; however random or challenging, or even far off that they might appear; it will help you to get back in touch with your heart and what your feelings are about yourself and your life on every level and help you see why you are eating so much chocolate! You can of course theme the entries into your phone, ie work, self, life, family, finance etc too.

The more you get this stuff down in your phone, or even by emailing it to yourself or in a journal the more your will be slowly able to manage your thoughts better, and start to allow your feelings to come through so that you can start to move through your addiction to chocolate!

 I am not at all anti-chocolate, as I have mentioned many times, what I am, is rather for you getting in touch with yourself and what makes you happy and following your heart and go for what you want in your life, without the seemingly constant need for a ‘chocolate top up.’
 Now, I would very much love to help you to admit and face your own fears about overcoming your addiction to chocolate so that you can  feel much better about yourselves and your life through my Chocolate Rehab Programme, so that you are tapping into your ‘inner chocolate,’ as I call it and feel so much more loving, accepting and supportive of yourself! I would love to help you to feel that your life is meaningful and help you be no longer a slave to chocolate too:) I would love for you to fall in love with yourself and your gifts instead of being madly dependent and in love with chocolate!! I am not anti-chocolate,rather I am interested in helping you balance out the role that chocolate plays in your life:) 
If you are serious to transform your life and your addiction to chocolate; then you can sign up for the first 3 of twelve modules on the Chocolate Rehab programme which are £10 each. These modules are ones which will be delivered in your inbox and be able to completed at your own pace and in your own time! I would suggest you buddied up with a friend to do it, as due to the price they are without me supporting you, so having one of your friends work through it with you and you could of course share the cost between you it would not only make it more fun, I would imagine it would make you both more successful!
Alternatively you could opt for going for it big time and having x 4 45minute coaching sessions with me one-on-one, over a three month period, with unlimited email and text support! I would give you absolutely everything, to help support and encourage you through the Chocolate Rehab programme! Believe me, this will be an intense, fun and challenging option! It will be a highly transformative and fufiling one too:) This is £1000 ( British pounds) installments are available on request and a pre-Rehab questionnaire would be necessary to that I can ensure you are right for this very intensive option! If you are interested in this option, please email me directly at:
There would be a buddying option, for this if you have a girlfriend you would like to be coached with, and then this would bring the cost down to £500, per Rehabee, (100% upfront payment) which would mean you would still have x 4 coaching sessions a month with me! You would have less time, so it would be 30minutes between you and you would still receive my support via email and text! Again, email me directly with any questions and also with this option you would need to  complete a pre-Rehab questionnaire.
If you have any questions you would like answered on the blog, or here, email me directly at: and I will respond with your name changd if required!
Much love and light,




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