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Chocolate Week… one chunk too far….

October 14th, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab:"  No amount of chocolate ( or Chocolate Rehab for that matter!!!)  will make up for lack of self-love & self-acceptance.." Carrie Eddins

I understand in the UK, it's Chocolate Week, it's quite a big event :) The truth is that for many a chocoholic, it's Chocolate Week.. for 52 weeks of the year! Many chocoholics are thrilled by this, as chocolate, is so affordable and available… in most countries… there are some chocoholics, for whom this is just too many tempations too far.who love chocolate far more than themselves and who feel worse from their chocolate addiction…. those of you, I am speaking to you..

It's all okay, no matter how you are feeling and how much chocolate you may have just eaten. You are loved, you are not at alone and you are so loveable. 

It's so hard sometimes when you are addicted to chocolate, to feel better and to feel loved and to feel accepted. To do love and accept yourself  with or without our chocolate addiction, is at the heart of my message and that's tricky to start with. 

I know when i started to look in the mirror and say outloud : ' I like you Carrie,' tears came streaming out. It took quite a few days until I accepted that i was likeable, just as I was. To move towards loving myself.. proved a chunk too far, i had to take it chunk by chunk..a process without a timeline as that simply does not work as you want to be able to do this, to love and accept yourself in the most natural and normal way, in the way you love others, you love your pets, in the way you love whatever it is you love in your life, you need to be loving yourself like that. 

I understand it is far easier to love anyone and anything else other than ourselves. It doesn't help that  we are told it's too selfish to love ourselves. So we use other things to make us feel better without dealing with our lack of love and acceptance for ourselves. ..

Your journey back to loving you, starts right here, right now. start with liking yourself first just as you are, is a huge step. 

Grab a mirror, or go to your mirror and sincerely, in whatever way feels right to you simply say;:

"  I like you – insert your name- right now, i accept you," and let me know how that feels and how you get on, my personal email is: 

Chocolate Rehab is a process, and a personal journey you are on, to heal your addiction to chocolate one chunk at a time, it's not a race and with each chunk you will start to feel better and better .

Until our next chunk together,

Love Ya ;0


(c) 2014, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved,

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Growth and healing can be messy..

October 13th, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab" Growth and healing can be messy,' Carrie Eddins

As you start your very own healing process with Chocolate Rehab, or another process, you will discover that at times it can be messy.. Sometimes, we forget this, especially as grown adults, we have long forgotten the literal growing pains of getting taller, and developing certain parts of our anatomy, or you know getting your first period am obviously talking as a lady to the ladies here  ( sorry gents..) I mean, seriously, I started mine on a beach on the Isle of Wight, and I thought I had done a number two,…I was only ten at the time, so I let myself off the hook big time.. I didn't even know what a tampon….But the forced growth after that, to sort myself out, each month, was pretty challenging; without going into to too much detail; organising the necessary protection remembering to actually use it, and change it! Messy, painful and downright embarrassing!!! … am sure you get the picture..

Now, obviously healing your addiction to chocolate is slightly different, whilst no literal blood involved,  the healing and transforming of your often long-held daily rituals and routines  can be messy at times, and actually  quite painful and scary.

Sometimes, it can get worse before it gets better, which honestly is perfectly natural and normal; especially when you have not been able to express yourself emotionally very much, if at all then it can be very overwhelming. I invite you to journal out your feelings, if the emotions are too much, especially, as it can help you to get to know them better and to understand them.

By writing out the following questions, and responding to them, it can help you to get in touch with your emotions, which can help you to feel better, and help you a lot in your healing process.

1. Today I am feeling.

2. I am now feeling…

3. I feel…

These are very simple and actually quite powerful, and can help you to move the emotions out of your heart and onto the paper. Do not pressurise yourself into feeling that you need to write pages and pages, just even writing a few words, or just odd words, such as fed up, bored, stressed, lonely, unloved, stuck, overwhelmed, will help as daft as it sounds.

If that doesn't feel right, find a close friend, or relative and just ask them to just listen as you express yourself in this way. I understand that this can feel awkward just keep going and it will become easier with practice and in time.

i have found watching Romantic Comedies my absolute favourite genre, helps me to process emotions, and listening to and singing to music, as well as a good chat too:)  We are all so different, so find what feels right for you, always. I cannot watch many films, especially violent thrillers, as I am too sensitive, but if that works for you, go for it. if it helps you in a healthy way to release emotions, to support your healing process, then go for it! 

If you are finding that you are just becoming more stuck, and it's just too much, and too overwhelming, then I do suggest looking for external help, of a professional counsellor, healer or coach to support you in this process. We all need a bit of extra help and support at times in our lives and it is nothing to be ashamed about, rather celebrated as you are open to learning and growing and developing which is what life is all about.

In the meantime, be as gentle as a little child on yourself, give yourself more love, more care and empathy and compassion than you might have previously ever attempted, especially at this time, when you could well be feeling very delicate. I know I could not have got to where I am without the help of my friends and family listening to me with patience, love, care and compassion, not at all. 

' You gotta feel to heal,' so go for it, gently and slowly x 


Love ya !

Remember you are not alone, you are loved and loveable right here, right now with or without your chocolate addiction.  Remember too that there is nothing wrong with you, and that nothing needs fixing!!!! Healing your addiction to chocolate, with Chocolate Rehab is just about learning to love yourself more than chocolate, at the heart of it .


Love Carriexxx

(C) 2014, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved,

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” I know who you are, I know how you are feeling,” Pharrell Williams

October 11th, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: " I know who you are, I know how you are feeling," Pharrell Williams.

If you are feeling like you are in a never-ending cycle of eating rather too much chocolate and then feeling worse and just finding it hard and that no-one understands, I just want to say I do! I do. Please do trust me on this.

I know it can feel like no one else on the planet does understand how you are feeling, but they do, I do and am sure others will too. The challenge I found anyway with chocolate addiction, is that not even the chocoholics themselves want to admit it openly, let alone to themselves, so that makes it a little tricky to get any kind of support and indeed much-needed understand and empathy!! 

The main reason I kept going with my own Chocolate Rehab was actually so I could help support other choc addicts, like you heal their addiction too and feel so much better and learn to love and accept themselves more than chocolate!! Honest to goodness, I did:) 

So, as you will discover in my forthcoming book- see my 'pre-order button at the top of the page,' I have had a chocolate addiction just like you, and I healed it, and I have every faith that you can heal yours too! 

Much love & empathy & understanding,

Carrie xxx

(C) 2014, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved,

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It’s okay to feel..

October 8th, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab:" It's okay to be where you are, and feel how you are feeling, it so is."

The challenge when you are trying to heal your addiction to chocolate is that it actually can be pretty tough, as all these feelings come up that you have been 'eating' and it's hard. There is no way of escaping this reality. As you start to address your feelings  with each chunk of Chocolate Rehab, or whatever process you are using to heal your addiction to chocolate, you will find it at times,  overwhelming and it's absolutely okay.

I want you to know, that however you are feeling is absolutely okay. Feeling your feelings, is part of the process and perfectly natural and normal. The most important thing is just to start feeling your feelings, which I understand can be hard to begin with.

I recommend that you  just find yourself an understanding  friend, or your partner, or a close relative and start to express how you are really feeling, and you will find that you will start to feel a little bit better and better.It is a process, and your own unique journey and process so there's no rush. If you do not have anyone to chat to, then write it down in a notebook, or even speak how you are feeling into your phone, just get it out, and you will feel a difference.

I trust that helps, just be super gentle on yourself, and realise that however you are feeling is okay, absolutely okay. There is nothing wrong with you, Love ya! Carriexxx

(C) 2014, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved,

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” What you don’t own, owns you,” Debbie Ford

October 7th, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab:" What you don't own, owns you," Debbie Ford.

I don't know about you, but I know this was me with my chocolate addiction, i just used to laugh it, and privately cry it off. It was like an elephant in the room, that I just kept on ignoring, in the same way someone might ignore a huge debt, or a painful situation of some sort. It was not until i just sat down and did a life review that I took my addiction to chocolate seriously, as I was going through quite a bit of heartbreak, which caused me to do this. 

My question to you is, when is enough pain for you to actually admit that your addiction to chocolate is controlling you and making you feel awful? Maybe you have not quite reached your version of rock bottom, and that's absolutely okay. Sometimes, it's just all about timing. Sometimes you do not need to hit rock bottom, you just need to have the courage to admit your feelings and be totally and utterly honest with yourself. Is now that time? I understand that it's painful not admitting it and painful admitting it! I understand. 

At least when you admit that you ARE actually addicted to chocolate and ready to heal it, you can do something, denial only serves to keep you stuck and in pain and nothing progresses, and you just feel worse and worse.

So, i just invite you to admit that you are addicted to chocolate and ready to heal it, you do not need to announce it loudly to the world, or post it on facebook or tell anyone; just privately admit it yourself would be enough. 

I trust that helps,


Love Ya :) 

Carrie xxx


(C) 2014, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved,

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Not a bad thing to fall in love with me…

October 1st, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: " Not a bad to fall in love with me," Justin Timberlake.

I so love Mr Timberlake's music, bless that man's soul, it just lights me up, and I especially love this song! I loved how in one version of his video, is the story about a couple, on a train, and the chap proposed on a train, and these people were doing a documentary about it, trying to find out who they were, it's such a beautiful and romantic sentiment, sums up the song for me too!! 

I wonder how many times you might well have sang, either recently this song, or maybe something like it, to chocolate, instead of yourself? !! As daft as it sounds, I know I did, it was like love to me, in the past….I loved everything and anyone but myself, especially I so loved chocolate, we were so in a committed and intense relationship… er 24/7!!  I kid you not!! 

I wonder how you might feel, if you turned it around and considered that actually it isn't a bad thing to fall in love with yourself, as you are so loveable right now, and worthy of love, no matter how much chocolate you might have recently just eaten, or are about to eat! 

You are so loveable right now, with or without your addiction to chocolate! I know it can seem and feel  a bit daunting and hard to consider loving yourself, right now, so try finding 2-3 aspects of yourself that you love, it could be your smile, your personality, your intelligence, your height, your patience, and put in  your journal: " I so love ( insert something that you love about yourself) this about me!!!" 

I trust that helps, chat soon,


Remember you are loved, you are loveable and wonderful right now, with or without your chocolate addiction!


Love ya,


Love Carriexxx

(C) 2014, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved

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I need chocolate now!!!!!!!!!

September 29th, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: " I need chocolate now!!!!!!!"…

I am sure many of you have had this feeling, even very recently!!! I know I have experienced many many moments like this when I was seriously addicted to chocolate, it was a very regular occurence…

What  I really needed was actually any one or even all of the following: .. understanding, empathy,compassion, acceptance,  connection, love, hope, stress-relief, to feel better, to feel and become more confident, some  comfort, a friend, someone to talk to, a bit of fun, direction, something to look forward too… and you? 

Awareness is key here, and as 'what is  revealed, can be healed,' which is what Chocolate Rehab is all about!!

This is why writing your own personal response to 'why you need chocolate now,' can really help you to explore what is really going on with you, how you actually support and help yourself in your own healing process. It could be that the first step is admitting you need some help and actually then asking for it as simple as it sounds! By admitting and asking for help are very powerful steps towards healing your chocolate addiction!!! We are all very different, there is no right or wrong with your responses, just do it and see what you discover and how you feel! 


Much love Carriexxx

(C) 2014, Chocolate Rehab Ltd,  All Rights Reserved,

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A crucial part of recovery is the desire to change

September 29th, 2014 Author:


Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: " A crucial part of recovery is the desire to change." Carrie Eddins


Can you relate? For me I didn't really see how addicted I was to chocolate how it covered up so many  issues as I just laughed it off! Whilst I have resisted a lot healing my own addiction as it seemed easier to be stuck in a ' painful comfort trap,' something kept me going!

Healing your addiction is a very personal journey and it could be short and easy for you or long like mine but one things for sure once you admit you are ready for change and healing things will start to change and in time you will look back with huge appreciation for your journey and the gift you chose to give to yourself to recovery which is priceless just as you are!!!

Much love Carrie xxx


(C) 2014,  Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved.

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How to stop emotional eating…. !!!!!!!!!! Am serious.

August 1st, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Honestly, yesterday was pretty challenging for me, not quite a :" Aw I want to jump off the edge of cliff moment,' nothing quite as dramatic or as sad as that, rather it was a day when my ego( or my fear)  took over my life!  You know that voice of fear and control in your head that tries to, and succeeds at times to talk you out of things that you know in your heart are good for you, or censors situations to just keep you stuck in pain and fear, as that's it's job 24/7 lovelies, that will never ever go away, as that's what being human is all about!!

My ego was playing crazy stories in my head like: " Carrie…


* You will never be good enough, it's too late, you will never get your book done, no one will ever buy it Carrie, go and get a 'normal,' job and work your way up,' you will never find love again,( I was close last year, but it all went Pete Tong, he broke my heart, horrid,  still you gotta move on, but my ego was going very low saying this!Really saying that I was unloveable and that he just took advantage and was laughing at you to all his mates, for your kindness and care, that he never wanted anything more than to use you and feed his ego, whilst he went off with another female.  My ego was saying, Carrie you will  so never have kids that you have always wanted in your late thirties, early forties, forget getting fit, you never stick to anything ever anyway, you are a waste of a life, no one cares about you or likes or loves you..blah, blah, blah.Pretty nasty stuff right? ! Absolutely.

Nothing could shake me out of it, be to honest. Pure ego, trying to stop me from taking the steps I need to get my book out there, and from doing many other things,  this month, and beyond,  but it's so going to happen, I am heaven-bent on it, it's long over due!


Go back a good couple of years and honestly I would have just literally 'drowned my sorrows,' in chocolate, massively and just pretty much endlessly! I would quite simply not have been able to shake myself out of this funk and start to feel better.


What did I do instead of eat chocolate? I cried, A LOT, and listened to some music, this always helps me, had lunch with one of my closest friends,  and just surrendered to my feelings, and waited, and waited. Nothing shifted all day. I went to bed at midnight still pretty upset, and I was woken up by our cat Mr Chilli, at like 5am and I felt so much better, so much clearer so much happier.


Sometimes, embracing our fears and surrendering to our feelings is what we spend every waking moment avoiding, and it's exhausting isn't it! I kept saying to myself: " Okay Ego, you might be right, hey ho,' it was painful, it was awkward and it was messy, I am not going to lie. But isn't growth always like that, you know painful, awkward and messy!!!!

And you know what, your ego, ALWAYS goes mega bonkers just before you are about to make a breakthrough, really it does as it  is like: " no way am i going to lose control of you Missus, or Mister, absolutely not,' and it tries with all it's might to make you feel like crap, and ramps up it's story-telling; making them worse and more scarier than ever. It's only human to feel upset and threatened by this. But what you resist, persists, so by surrendering you are disempowering your ego, and by revealing your emotions you are healing them, but you gotta let them out!! 

I am of course still a work in progress, but I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know how I get through wobbly moments, instead of using chocolate to avoid them.


I trust it helps,


Chat soon,


Love Carriexxx

(C) 2014, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved,

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Powerless with chocolate?! I geddit it…LOL:)

July 15th, 2014 Author:

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: " When you are powerless over something, you are addicted to it,"  Jessie Pavlenka,  can you relate?

Powerless over chocolate? Moi, er I  used to say… 'absofrickinlutely!!!,' I could barely keep myself from chocolate, to be quite honest, I was like a crack addict, in an never-ending search for my next chocolatey-fix… I was like after a bit, wanting just more and more until I felt sick… then I felt ten times worse but I couldn't stop, I was back for more later on that day or the following night at my 'worst times.'  I would just be on the look out for chocolate with the same passion as those ladies who are on the search for shoes, or those who are looking for drink… er yes, at times this was constant! 

I can see the funny side now, but honestly, not AT THE TIME!! I would meet people, make excuses, so I could go and eat it privately, or just unashamedly make a chocolate cake or buy it and give it to others with a share for myself of course, obviously!! Or I would get  two low fat bars instead of one. I just basically at times had no stop button whatsoever. 

But lovelies, I got through, I am here today to announce that I got through it and came out the other side and am here much happier to tell the tale:) Whilst I am not at all perfect, I am not addicted to chocolate anymore,  and am here to support and help others to feel and do the same. I would not suggest that healing your addiction is easy, at all, but it could be one the best things you ever do in your life! It's  a daily process, and It will be messy, it will take your time, but the gift of loving yourself more than chocolate, and more than anything in a very healthy way, and healing your chocolate addiction, is surely worth that investment of you life! It's the best thing I have ever done, that I know for sure! 

For free help and support right now, sign up for my Free 12 Chunks of Chocolate Rehab, in the right hand side of my page! 

Any questions, email:

Love Carriexxx

(C) 2014, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved,

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