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Chocolate Addiction withdrawal symptoms

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Chocolate Addiction withdrawl symptoms

 Dearest Chocoholic, 

I have been speaking to a few people via email recently about how to cope with the withdrawal symptoms that are likely to come up when you are trying to balance out your addiction to chocolate. What came up for me was that nutritionally you might well get headaches, or feel lethargic as your body detoxifies, for example; which happened to me! :(   I must say that  I am not a nutritionalist, and I am looking to hook up with one shortly, who can do a Q and A here with me about the nutritional aspects of overcoming chocolate addiction.

 What I can look at, is the other aspects such rebuilding a particular routine you might have, instead of eating chocolate. For example, you might return home of an evening and after your dinner automatically grab several chocolate bars whilst watching television, or going online. If this is the case, I wonder what you can choose to do instead of eating chocolate? So, it is a matter of starting out with a clear intention to create a new evening ritual here, for example.  Some people might opt to go to the gym, or have an indulgent bath, take an evening class,  watch a programme that they love, meet up with a friend for a lovely night out. All of these, I admit are very much external ways of dealing with your withdrawal symptoms, which are of course important as are the internal ways of dealing with your symptoms.

Internal ways of dealing with your symptoms, are meditating. affirmations, journaling your feelings and needs,   doing self-healing, praying, trusting, tuning into the angelic realms for love and support, drawing upon the laws of attraction to help, for example, set an intent for this process to be easy, fun and light!

A  really fun way to create a new vision for your life,  and indeed new ritual, with a more balanced view of chocolate is to create vision maps! What are vision maps Carrie? Aha, I’m so glad you asked me? They are visual representations of what would like to attract into our lives. For example: you might have become a chocolate addict, as you have been depressed about  not being partnered up with the love of your life, so you could add pictures of couples,  and visual representations of what romance and love mean to you, with words too such as trust, fun,  support,  and oodles of love, for example. It could be that a key underlying issue for you, with your chocolate addiction was lack of self-esteem and poor body image, so you could add pictures of a healthy person, who sparkled with confidence, vitality and radiates warmth, love, and kindness, AND self-belief!! You know what I am talking about here!!!

 I trust you have found value here and as always I so look forward to hearing from you here, on twitter (= @chocolaterehab), or via email:

Much love, light & giggles,


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