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Growth is painful…

Monday, September 7th, 2015

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: ' Growth is painful, change is painful."

When I talk to chocoholics who are in real serious pain with their chocolate addiction,

and not in denial, many are desperate for a quick-fix such as a 3 minute hypnotherapy session or even a magic pill… like literally!

When they are like this, I just say that real deep inside out growth,

that literally will change your life, is at first often very scary,

and very painful as you are often facing feelings and fears that you have avoided..

. sometimes all of your life!! I know I did.

Instead of doing this, and to avoid the pain and discomfort…

many chocoholics just carry on being in pain, and then often go into denial….

and say things like: ' I'm not addicted to chocolate I just cannot survive a day without it," or… " Chocolate is my go-to place for just about everything,"

or even… " I't the most exciting part of my day

! The sad part of this, is that once you face your feelings

and fear that are underneath your chocolate addiction

and start to deal with them,

you stand a real chance of feeling better and better

and better as you work through chunk, by chunk, by chunk of your own Chocolate Reab.

My deepest fears were that I was not loveable

and that I just had nothing to offer the world.

.. I kid you not.

Do it dear chocoholic,

decide right here and right now to make the real

life-affirming decision

to take your painful addiction to chocolate seriously

( obviously if it is painful for you- as it's not for EVERYONE.. many though!!)

and decide to start to face your feelings and fears..

you won't regret it! If you want help from someone

who knows just what this process is like… ie ME!!.

.. then email me

and I will let you know of the different ways that you can work with me!

Love Carriexxx



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Chocolate Addiction.. help?

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Dearest Chocoholic, Chunk of Chocolate Rehab:

"It's hard to change when you are too  busy making excuses. " Scott Stabile. Okay, is this you?

Are you always talking about how you are finally ready to heal your chocolate addiction,

but just keep on avoiding doing something about it?

Are you scared it will be too hard, or that it will never happen?

 I used to feel like that especially when I first started to look into healing my own chocolate addiction,

it was an utter nightmare!

So, hard, no-one took chocolate addiction seriously apart from just on a nutritional level,

or the hypnotherapists-

and as wonderful as these things are I knew deep down it was

only part of the healing puzzle.

I always knew that to heal my chocolate addiction

I needed to look at it holistically, or it would not last!!

It took me ages, to unwrap my addiction to chocolate 

. thankfully because I have done this, and I used to  actually wake

up to wrappers under my pillow…

You do not need to take the many months it took me !

You cannot though rush this process of healing your chocolate addiction,

as you have to get really deep and get to know how you are feeling

and this can be utterly scary for many,

as they wear such a mask. I am not going to lie,

it was scary and can be scary,

but the more you practice being emotionally honest with yourself the easier it becomes.

It will be hard but will be utterly worth it !

By taking time to get to know yourself on a deeper level,

and look at loving yourself more than chocolate you will be

giving yourself the biggest gift you could ever give yourself!

The gift of learning to deeply love and appreciate yourself more than chocolate,

well more than anything,

as you are the most important person in your life,

surely that is worth you investing some time,

energy and money into?!! Here's the details for my 21 Day Chocolate Rehab:

which is really an exclusive group of chocoholics

who have decided to commit to healing their chocolate addition one chunk at a time together!

You will be part of a private Facebook group and

you will be receiving x 21 Chunks of Chocolate Rehab

into your inbox daily and you will be entitled to x 3 hours of 1-2-1 with me,

for just £49.

These 21 Days will really get you started on your own Chocolate Rehab Programme,

it is a process, a daily process! Any questions just email me:

I would so love to help you to heal your chocolate addiction :)

Love Carriex

p.s Limited places and this price will only be there for this first group! Are you ready to ditch your excuses now and start your healing? Here's the details:



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Monday, March 16th, 2015

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab:" My only regret in life is that while I was there for everyone else, I forgot to be there for me. " Cheryl Richardson _ ( I Love her!! Thanks Cheryl smile emoticon )

MM. this is quite interesting hey.. many of you here I am sure are able to rescue and support and be there for others and avoid doing that very thing for you!! I see this a lot; especially from women to be honest! 

I am not suggesting to not be there and help and support others, at all, it's the biggest gift you can ever give anyone in life, your time, your care and your loving attention. What is not healthy is that when you do this at the expense of doing it for yourself!!!! 

How on earth do I start to do this Carrie?

Well, just by carving out a bit of time daily, yep I did write DAILY! 
Even if just ten minutes and really check in with yourself. 
How are you feeling, really, really feeling? What is going on that you know you need to deal with that you have been avoiding? 
Your chocolate addiction, I am sure is masking this. 

For example. what simple thing can I do to support myself here:

1. Acknowledge how you are feeling.
2. Sitting in that or those feelings.
3. Do you need help and support here to deal with them?
4. Reaching out for that support- yep really. 
5. Do you need to put an action plan together to deal with a problem.
6. Do it. 
7. Don't make it too much, just little things as they will add up! 
8. Pat yourself on the back, give yourself a hug, you did good!! 
9. Happy dance, well done, I'm thrilled for you, you gave yourself a bit of your precious loving care and attention to yourself!! Yay! 

Whatever it is, just start getting really in touch with it and start putting a plan together to face it, feel it, and deal with it. 

Your loving kind and precious time and attention will be so well spent on you, dearest chocoholic, you are more than worth it!

The beauty of taking a bit of time, on yourself is that it will benefit everything else in your life, every other relationship you have!!

I know it's like magic, it so is!!!!! 

Remember you are a priceless, lovely person, whatever you are doing and however you are feeling, and yep even if you have just binged on chocolate, or are even now binging on chocolate! 
You are beautiful, worthy of love, care and attention now and always!

Big hugs, and I trust that helps. 

Just aim to carve out ten minutes a day, and let me know how that feels and what happens- I am excited for you!! 

Love Carriexxx



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Your relationship with yourself affects your life

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab :" Your relationship with you sets the tone for every other relationship you have." Carol M. Barrett Awakening People

Love this. We have been taught to look for happiness, joy, and pleasure, and er well everything with others, with things, with chocolate even! If you are looking for love, kindness and well anything everywhere else but from yourself and for yourself, then whatever you get and receive from anyone, or anything else only goes so far if you do not love, respect and accept yourself! That's not to say that we cannot get happiness, pleasure, love and support from others, of course we can too! 

But, if you do not have a healthy relationship with yourself, anything anyone can do only goes so far! Even chocolate if you have a relationship with chocolate, at the expense of yourself, then your relationships with anyone else are sorely limited. 

To change this, starts with awareness, and then a decision to want to get help and support. It's not going to be super easy to change these habits of a lifetime and start to become your own best friend instead of own worst enemy, but it's so possible, one day at a time. It's a process, and you are so worth it! It's so possible.

To get help and support with this, you can hire me at the moment on a ' pay what you want,' basis, for a limited time, and get one-to-one support from me, someone who has healed from a chocolate addiction that went on for years, so I know how you feel! 

Email: to book an appointment and we will arrange a session.

I trust that helps, if you are feeling like your own worst enemy at the moment, that's okay, just be gentle on yourself, forgive yourself and right now commit to doing something about it. Change happens with a decision to, simple as.

Love Carriexxx

(c) 2015, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved, 




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making time for you, to heal

Sunday, March 1st, 2015

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: " It's never about having time… it's about making the time." 

It's March! Not long till Easter, which for some chocoholics is the best time of the year, whilst for others it is just a nightmare, as there is just so much chocolate, in bigger than ever sizes it's just way too much :( 

If you are really ready to commit to healing your chocolate addiction one chunk at a time, you can take advantage of an offer that  I am running at the moment; which is to book a one-to-one coaching session with me, and you can pay what you want! Only for a limited time, so if you are really ready, them you can make some time of yours available and benefit from working with me, for a session which will help you to start your healing process one chunk at a time!! 

How do I do this Carrie?

Login to your Paypal account and pay what you want to: 

I will automatically get a receipt of this and I will email you to arrange a mutually convenient time either on the phone, you will ring me, or via Skype! 

And that's it, it's a simple as that, and as simple as you making the decision to do this, and making the time to do this!

So, where there is a will, there is a way! 

To those of you who decide to take action, to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to work with me, at a fraction of my normal price,  how exciting! I am excited for you already, and I look forward to working with you! 

Love ya,


Love Carrie xx 

p.s You could always pre-order your own copy of my book, Chocolate Rehab, Session One,  out just after Easter here :

(c) 2015, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved, 



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Life is about growth, not safety

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab:" Life is about growth, not safety." 

Today, I went to a social gathering and to be honest it was a little bit scary, actually going out of my way to meet new people! This is not normally the case for me, it's just that I have been spending far too much time on my own writing over the last few months that i have not being in my normal mode of just going out in the world and meeting new people as daft as it sounds! So, basically I was a little scared going out and meeting new people! It was so worth it and absolutely lovely mind you , and whilst I love meeting up with my close and best friends it's always good to meet new people, albeit one this occasion a little scary! 

Are you feeling yourself a little apprehensive or even a little scared of facing your feelings and fears from your chocolate addition? Hey lovely, let yourself off the hook, it's only human too! I know I was, I can totally relate. It's an unknown and we are absolutely conditioned to fear the unknown, in a fearful way.

Imagine if by taking your addiction to chocolate seriously you could change your life?!!

Imagine if by starting your own Chocolate Rehab Programme you started to feel better than you had in years, or even for ever?!!!

Imagine if by working through your feelings and fears you started to begin to actually like yourself just as you are, just how amazing would that feel?

Imagine if you started to actually love and accept yourself no matter how much chocolate you had just recently eaten or no matter how you felt? 

Would this be worth you stepping outside your comfort zone, if not what would? 

I would love to know!

Take a little step outside of your comfort today, lovely, I dare you, even if that means signing up for 12 Free Chunks of Chocolate Rehab, which will help and support you to take your addiction to chocolate one chunk at a time, and I know what even though many of you are in a lot of pain about your chocolate addiction, more of you find it much more painful to even consider facing your addiction and actually doing something about it! I know that feeling.

But what exactly is your alternative? !! You could start to just feel worse and worse, and even number.  I don't suggest you do it all in one go but just start chunk by chunk working on it, gently does it is far more effectie than scaring yourself silly and just giving up !

Heres the link for the 12 Chunks of Chocolate Rehab :

Love ya!

Love Carriexx 

(c) 2015, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved, 



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Recovery is not an event, it’s a process

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: Recovery is not an event, it's a process.

( thanks Our Daily Reprieve for this !) 

This is something that many resist, as that just are looking for a one-off, quick-fix, magic pill and t-dah healing will happen! Of course there are treatments out there that suggest you can be healed and 'sorted,' within an hour, for me I prefer the deep inside out approach to recovering and healing from your chocolate addiction, so that it will really not only last but become apart of who you are and your daily life which is where your life happens!! 

For example: to change your behaviour from always or very often grabbing chocolate instead of acknowledging and then dealing with how you feel and expressing your feelings, can be huge step towards healing the pain of your chocolate addiction. Many simply just 'eat,' their feelings down and wonder why they feel like crap! 

This is a leaned behaviour of ignoring your feelings, which can of course be change. This does not happen overnight, it is a process and daily habit that needs to be built! It's tricky and downright challenging to begin with like any thing you try to introduce into your daily life! Golly, I cannot say I find it easy doing some exercises that I am trying to do – i.e. Mountain Climbers! Heavens no, I'd rather not doing it, but I just know it is better for me to try to do them little and often than just avoid them or any kind of exercise altogether. If I find it too hard to do them one day, or any kind of exercise I am instead of beating myself up, just going for it the next day and it becomes much easier !! 

Try it, set a small goal to start to express your feelings that you are covering up with your chocolate addiction daily. This can be done via your journal which many find therapeutic, me too, I love journaling! You can express your feelings by chasten to a close family member or friend, do bear in mind you are not looking for solutions, just empathy and someone to be there to listen and support you, more than anything! You could have an imaginary chat on your phone, one of my favourite ways to get in touch with my feelings!!! You could even just asking yourself:" How I am feeling now," and keep doing that throughout the day or at the start and end of the day, whatever feels right for you.

Give any of the above a whirl and see how it feels, you never know, you might start to feel better and better and better! If you find it too much, then you can seek the support and help of a professional, before you do, see about forming your own Chocoholics Anonymous Group, even if there is two of you and just listen and be there and support each other, as often that's all we ever need, someone to see, and deeply listening and be there for us, more than anything in the world!

I trust that helps!

Love ya!

Love Carrie- off to do a few mountain climbers.. yikes!! 

(c) 2015, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved,

p.s Sign up for 12 Free Chunks of Chocolate Rehab here:



p.p.s Pre-order Chocolate Rehab Session One, out Easter 2015 here:






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Falling in love with yourself instead of chocolate..

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Dearest Chocoholic,

Chunk of Chocolate Rehab: " Falling in love with yourself doesn't make you selfish or vain, it makes you indestructible," Unknown. 

 I just love this one, as often i hear people muttering that falling in love with yourself is selfish and downright silly, and honestly this does make me a bit sad :( 

If you could only give as much love, care and attention to yourself as you I can imagine do to other people, and even your beloved pets, or even er chocolate.. .. you would be and feel so much happier! It's true that the more love you can give to yourself, and the more you can love and accept yourself the easier life become and the more you are able to just keep going in life, when others crumble, stop and give in! 

But Carrie how on earth can  I do this? I don't even like myself? Imagine you had to introduce yourself to someone who had never met you, what would you say? 

Would you point out all of your flaws and rubbish yourself for not being perfect?

Would you admit that you were heavily addicted to chocolate, and felt more and more depressed about this fact?

Would you highlight that you hated yourself and loved chocolate more?

Would you be open about chocolate being more of a love of your life than er you being the love of your life?

Would you divulge that er… any kind of problem you had you just 'covered it up,' with chocolate?

Would you reveal that most of your emotions, especially the negative ones were er.. buried with chocolate? 

Heavens no, hey.. 

You would say, well.: " Carrie is a lovely lady, who is a little bonkers in a good way, and very kind-hearted.

You would say: ' well: " Carrie loves to chat, could out-chat pretty much anyone,  thankfully she's a great listener too!! 

You would say: ' well: " Carrie is a bit daft and loves to laugh, especially at herself, which makes her great company and a real  hoot! 

You would say:  well : ' Carrie, is a real cutie, and can chat to pretty much anyone, yep those people too! "

You would say: well: " Carrie is a loyal friend, not one of the fair weather people, and always tells the truth, which can be a bit much at times, but she means well." 

You get the idea.  Try in, now write down at least five sentences in the same way as above and I am sure it will help you to start to like and maybe even love yourself! 

If this is a bit too much at the moment, as your close friends and family what they would say! Yep, I am not kidding here, you will find this a lovely thing to do and absolutely I am sure it will help you to appreciate and like yourself more! 

The more you do things like this, the more you will be able to love yourself whatever is going on!

This is a process, like your Chocolate Rehab Programme, one chunk at a time, and takes time and thats natural and normal so go gentle on yourself! 

I trust that helps! I would love to know your feedback!

Love ya,

Love Carrie xxx

(c) 2015, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved, 


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What’s the most effective way to break chocolate addiction

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Dearest Chocoholic.

Today, I was asked: 'Carrie, what's the most effective way to break a chocolate addiction?" 

Chunk 1: Take your chocolate addiction seriously! ( i.e. if it is having a negative impact on your life, as there are many chocoholics who are happy with their addiction, which is absolutely fine smile emoticon 

Chunk 2: Commit to doing something about it! Yep, once you take it seriously, be committed to taking action and doing stuff to deal with the root of your chocolate addiction!! Some actions will be successful whilst others will not be, by committing you will just keep on going and work through it all. 

Chunk 3: Be prepared to seek help and support with dealing with what your chocolate addiction is all about i.e. what is the pain underneath – low -self-esteem, heartbreak, stress, boredom, for example. 

Chunk 4: Be open to changing – as expecting to heal your chocolate addiction, without being open to change is madness! Something needs to change and that is you. 

Chunk 5: It takes as long as it takes, so no deadlines. 
There is no timeline you can put on healing your chocolate addiction, so looking for an 'effective way,' means to me a quick-fix, or being in a hurry, and that is not what Chocolate Rehab is about, as it is deep transformation from the inside out change, not just quick-fix. The more you put pressure on yourself to heal your addiction by a particular time, the less likely it will happen, in my view. 

Just those 5 Chunks will help you to start to break the addiction, as so many chocoholics do not even do the first Chunk!!!

Want more detailed help and support then sign up
for 12 free Chunks of Chocolate Rehab here:

I would love to know how you get on with the above, and any thoughts and feelings about this. 

Love ya!

Love Carrie

(c) 2015, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved,

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Chocolate addiction isn’t really that bad..

Friday, February 13th, 2015

 Dearest Chocoholic, 

I got a question this question this week and I am happy to respond here with a post! 

Here's the question: "Carrie, sometimes I feel that choc addiction isn't really that bad,  but I cannot imagine my life without it?" 

I would not say chocolate addiction is bad, or good, it is how it makes you feel more than anything. Does it make you feel worse not better? Does it make you feel more upset or less upset? Does it make you feel out of control, or more in control? Does it make you feel happier or sadder? 

These are obviously not black or white questions, with black or white answers, because we are all different and experience many different emotions when eating chocolate. Often many chocoholics love chocolate they just go to far with it i.e. they love it too much! When you love chocolate too much, and you cannot cope without it, and it makes you feel worse than better, then Chocolate Rehab could absolutely help you. 

The thing with any approach to heal your chocolate addiction one chunk at time, is that you have to get in touch with why you are eating it, you have to go a bit deeper.  As you do this, you will be clearer on why you are really eating it, as I firmly believe that chocolate is your teacher. I really do. Chocolate will show you how you are feeling or rather not feeling. Chocolate is not bad or an enemy at all. Chocolate addiction can cover up a number of issues such as low self-esteem, and low self-confidence, to depression, boredom, and stress to name only a few of the many reasons people get so addicted to it. 

As you make the time to identify why you are really, really eating it, then you can start to deal with those feelings and issues, instead of ignoring them with more and more chocolate. The Chocolate Rehab Programme is not anti-chocolate, rather it is pro balancing out the role chocolate plays in your life, as the more you feel your feelings that you have been denying with chocolate and you deal with them then you can heal them! 


I trust that helps,

Love Carriex 

(c) 2015, Chocolate Rehab Ltd, All Rights Reserved,

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