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Fear of failure?

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Dearest Chocoholic,

I wonder if you have been following the Austrailian Olympic Swimming in Adelaide recently? Maybe some of my Aussie followers? Can you tell I am a bit of a swimming fan? Well, Ian Thorpe, Australia’s most successful swimmer, mounted his comeback and bless his soul got so so close to qualifying for the Australian team for the London Olympics but he did not qualify…He got so so close but ‘failed.’ He put all his energy, efforts and soul on the line, he put everything and was just seconds away from qualifying for the semi-finals in either the 100m freestyle or the 200m freestyle.


And guess what he did discover? He discovered a love for something, swimming that he had lost during his years out of swimming, around 5,  after many years of being pheneomonally successful. He discovered that he still wants to continue swimming as he just loves it and wants to see what can happen as he develops further.. Interesting!!!

Carrie, what’s your point here? Aha, well you see I feel that many of you might not be taking your addiction to chocolate seriously as you are fearing that you might fail?mm does this resonate? I understand completely and you know you might well fail. Yep I just wrote that. You might ‘fail,’ ie get a completely different outcome that you expect, and?…

I know I have been there and done there and got many t-shirts during my rather extended journey in overcoming chocolate and you know I do have my odd challenges and moments when I have and need some chocolate, it is just that they are no longer as intense or as extensive…!

For me, I can provide you with a number of tools that you can draw upon, and hyou can apply them in your daily life; but as we all emotional beings and life happens there are no guarantees whatsoever as it all depends on how you respond to your own unique challenges in life! For example: what I personally have discovered is that as you learn each lesson, be it overcoming your addiction to chocolate or learning to love yourself more, another lesson magically appears; which is what life is all about!

So by embracing the prospect of ‘failure,’ and really acknowledging your fear of it, actually makes it less likely to happen and more likely that you will become successful at whatever it is you have set your heart on, and often it what you have set your heart on does not manifest in the way that you intended it to, something even better often does!

For example, as I made my way through my own ‘Chocolate Rehab,’ I ‘failed,’ and ‘failed,’ and ‘failed,’ throughout many months but each time I discovered invaluable feedback which I will be sharing with you in my forthcoming book such as the importance of a multi-level approach, ie not just looking at chocolate addiction from a mental or nutritional or even emotional level!! Yes, I screamed from the top of my lungs repeatedly at the time, yet now I see the gold in it!! 


So, I wholeheartedly invite you to fear your fear of failure and do it anyway! In this case, take your addiction to chocolate seriously and commit to overcoming it be it with Chocolate Rehab or something else, as you so deserve to feel and be happy which I honestly feel is the sole purpose of our lives!

As always, I look forward to hearing from you and I absolutely invite your questions and suggestions for blog posts which I will post and even coach you in; just email me at:

Much love, light & giggles,





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Moving from your head to your heart!

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012



Dearest Chocoholic,
I was lucky enough to go to a ‘success in the city,’ women’s networking meeting yesterday at the Cube in Birmingham to listen to the awesome Dawn Gibbins, what an amazingly inspiring lady, am still I admit a bit gobsmacked!! She is such an incredible lady, who I am so grateful I have connected with! Omg:) Magic is indeed in the air!!!!
Listening to her business presention on helping women to be more authentic and to communicate from their hearts more and their heads less, really reminded me of a key aspect of the Chocolate Rehab Programme, which is the same; that is to listen to your heart more than your head.
As you start to become more conscious of your feelings in your daily life and then acknowledge and then listen to your feelings  will start to lessen their power over you! It’s a bit like until you acknowledge your feelings whatever they are and however painful they are, until you do they just keep on keeping on; and all it will do is make you feel worse and likely cause you to just eat more and more chocolate! 
A great way for you to connect with your feelings is to actually sit down daily for even just five minutes at the start of the day and five at the end of the day and journal your feelings about yourself and your life. As you start to do this, you can just simply respond to the following question in your journal: " how do I feel? "  As you repeat this process you can then start to respond to other questions such as: " How can I feel better? What do I need to help me to feel better? " Aha, I can hear you shouting at me: " Carrie, we just need chocolate…!" LOL!! 
If you find writing a lot in a journal a  bit of a challenge, or that it is just not for you, then consider texting or emailing yourself even if just simple words about  how you feel, even using your writing the words out  ie fed up, exhausted, frustrated, angry, controlled. and then turn it around and write down your ideas for how to turn this around; however random or challenging, or even far off that they might appear; it will help you to get back in touch with your heart and what your feelings are about yourself and your life on every level and help you see why you are eating so much chocolate! You can of course theme the entries into your phone, ie work, self, life, family, finance etc too.

The more you get this stuff down in your phone, or even by emailing it to yourself or in a journal the more your will be slowly able to manage your thoughts better, and start to allow your feelings to come through so that you can start to move through your addiction to chocolate!

 I am not at all anti-chocolate, as I have mentioned many times, what I am, is rather for you getting in touch with yourself and what makes you happy and following your heart and go for what you want in your life, without the seemingly constant need for a ‘chocolate top up.’
 Now, I would very much love to help you to admit and face your own fears about overcoming your addiction to chocolate so that you can  feel much better about yourselves and your life through my Chocolate Rehab Programme, so that you are tapping into your ‘inner chocolate,’ as I call it and feel so much more loving, accepting and supportive of yourself! I would love to help you to feel that your life is meaningful and help you be no longer a slave to chocolate too:) I would love for you to fall in love with yourself and your gifts instead of being madly dependent and in love with chocolate!! I am not anti-chocolate,rather I am interested in helping you balance out the role that chocolate plays in your life:) 
If you are serious to transform your life and your addiction to chocolate; then you can sign up for the first 3 of twelve modules on the Chocolate Rehab programme which are £10 each. These modules are ones which will be delivered in your inbox and be able to completed at your own pace and in your own time! I would suggest you buddied up with a friend to do it, as due to the price they are without me supporting you, so having one of your friends work through it with you and you could of course share the cost between you it would not only make it more fun, I would imagine it would make you both more successful!
Alternatively you could opt for going for it big time and having x 4 45minute coaching sessions with me one-on-one, over a three month period, with unlimited email and text support! I would give you absolutely everything, to help support and encourage you through the Chocolate Rehab programme! Believe me, this will be an intense, fun and challenging option! It will be a highly transformative and fufiling one too:) This is £1000 ( British pounds) installments are available on request and a pre-Rehab questionnaire would be necessary to that I can ensure you are right for this very intensive option! If you are interested in this option, please email me directly at:
There would be a buddying option, for this if you have a girlfriend you would like to be coached with, and then this would bring the cost down to £500, per Rehabee, (100% upfront payment) which would mean you would still have x 4 coaching sessions a month with me! You would have less time, so it would be 30minutes between you and you would still receive my support via email and text! Again, email me directly with any questions and also with this option you would need to  complete a pre-Rehab questionnaire.
If you have any questions you would like answered on the blog, or here, email me directly at: and I will respond with your name changd if required!
Much love and light,




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