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Chocolate Rehab is not anti-chocolate. 

It is about unwrapping and healing your chocolate addiction one chunk at a time.

It's about learning how to love yourself no matter what, and no matter how much chocolate you have eaten or might be eating!

Carrie Eddins

Love Carrie Eddins, ex-serial chocoholic.

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Chocolate Rehab is a process of unwrapping your own chocolate addiction one chunk at a time.

As an ex-chocoholic I will walk you through this process which I have used to heal my own lifelong chocolate addiction.

I will be sharing with your proven tools, techniques and strategies and my personal heart on my sleeve, foot in mouth stories about what I personally did to help you understand and know that you are not alone with your addiction.

I used to feel so ashamed that I was so addicted to chocolate, I was like a drug addict!

The thing about chocolate addiction is that it is a hidden addiction, as people do not take it very seriously!

Chocolate is brought out to both celebrate and commiserate in life!

- Carrie Eddins

The purpose of Chocolate Rehab is to get to heart of why you might have chocolate playing a role that might be like me is a bit too important!

It is about balancing out the role it plays in your life, and help you to address the heart of the issues!

For me, my issues were that I did not love myself. In fact I hated everything about myself, for years.

I hated how I looked, I hated that I did not feel wanted, loved and that I didn't see what value I could bring to the world, so I used to self-medicate with chocolate!

And I don't want you to suffer the same way as I did, so I've created this website to help you!

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Chocolate Rehab special offers!

I will have a variety of resources available to help you with your chocolate rehab. So far I can offer you:

  • My book Chocolate Rehab Session One, how to heal your addiction to chocolate one chunk at time" (price £15 including p&p) and will be ready to post to you by early January 2020.
  • My Chocolate Rehab App (annual subscription £119.88) designed to provide you with exclusive support, tips and access from me. This is a much preferred option than a social networking group, and will be ready by early January 2020.
  • Three hours of coaching for exclusive 1:1 support from me (price £300) available now if you can't wait until January 2020.
  • My digital journal (price £9.99).
  • More resources and products to follow soon...

However, I have two offers for the first 100 early-birds only who are interested:

Early-Bird Offer 1:

  • a SIGNED copy of my book "Chocolate Rehab Session One" priced £15 (including p&p) which will arrive on your doormat in early January.

Early-Bird Offer 2:

  • a SIGNED copy of my book "Chocolate Rehab Session One" (worth £15 incl p&p)
  • Three hours' coaching  for exclusive 1:1 support from me (worth £300)
  • a digital journal (worth £9.99)
  • 50% off your next purchase

Collectively these are worth at least £324.99, but my early-bird offer is only for £97.

chocolate waffle bars
Carrie Eddins

Carrie Eddins

Once upon a time, Chocolate was my go-to everything, I went to it when I was feeling sad, mad and bad. 

I even did a German Oral examination at University about how chocolate was important in my life, I kid you not!

It was not until I returned from Australia heartbroken in early 2004 that I did a life review and realised just how addicted to chocolate I really was.

So I courageously and maybe even rather foolishly decided to check myself into my own 'Chocolate Rehab' clinic and spend 4 years working out how to heal my own chocolate addiction, as seriously I could not go a day without it.

I used it like a drug for stress relief, I preferred it to men, and sometimes people! I could barely walk past a shop without grabbing some! Yes I used to be that addicted!

Still, I worked a lot of myself and chunk by chunk I managed to with help unwrap my chocolate addiction, so that today I am not a slave to it!

Yes I still eat it, but I can STOP!! I can just have a brownie and then stop! I never ever imagined that I could do this, but I can!

My book "Chocolate Rehab Session One" shares with you chunk by chunk how to unwrap your own chocolate addiction so that you can balance out the role that chocolate plays in your life. It is not anti-chocolate, rather pro loving and accepting yourself no matter what! 

Love Carrie x

PS I am a work in progress, so far from perfect, just so you know!! x


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Carrie Eddins

Carrie Eddins, ex-serial chocoholic

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