Is chocolate addiction real?

Dearest Chocoholic,

Is chocolate addiction real?

Personally, I believe so.

Jessie Pavlenka, the American Personal trainer says:

” When you are powerless over something you are addicted to it. “

That was how I used to  be….

As a teenager and during my twenties and lot of my thirties,, I literally could not walk past a shop without investing in my next ‘chocolatey fix.’

It was common for me to prefer a few bars of chocolate than deal with my stress, problems or indeed life.

Yes I would use my addiction to chocolate as  way of numbing myself.

I numbed through eating a LOT of chocolate.

And not just a lot of chocolate..

It was the almost constant flow.. of it…

So, personally I do believe chocolate addiction exists

that it is real and alive and ‘kicking.’

As to whether people want to heal from it


by chunk.


chunk? Well that’s another story.

I know I created Chocolate Rehab™ out of sheer

desperation… as I finally realised just how

powerless I was with it.

My process is for chocoholics who wish to unwrap the heart of their addiction.

It is not anti-chocolate either, ie I do not ban it.

Rather it is about looking at addressing what you are numbing,

and learning to love and accept yourself

no matter how much chocolate

you might be eating or not eating.

I would love to hear your experiences.

Love Carrie xx


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